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Name: James Lemanski
Gender: James was born as a boy but they prefer to dress ‘girly’. James goes by male and female pronouns or ‘they’ ‘them’ and ‘their’.
Mortal Parent: Amanda Lemanski is a taller then average women who works up north in the oil fields. She was an attraction to Apollo because of her poetry that she would recite at poetry cafes.
God Parent: Apollo
Date of Birth: January 20, 2002
Place of Birth: Calgary, AB (Canada)
Hometown/Last Residence: Boston, NY (sorry if inaccurate cities/states I’m Canadian and have no knowledge of the United States)
Race/ethnicity: Canadian (Polish descent)  
Accent:James’ accent is hard to detect but occasionally they sound very Canadian
Skin Tone: Leaning towards the white skin tones but still tanned like an Apollo child
Eye Color:Dull green
Hair Color: Chestnut brown with hints of blond and auburn
Hair Length: short, in a square kind of cut.
Height: 5ft 5’
Weight: 110 lbs
Body Type: More of a rectangular shape with no defined muscles, the kind of body you get from only doing gym class but not any after school sports.
Appearance: James has more of a female appearance, given their soft eyes and oval face. To describe their hairstyle it is a loosely curled square/flair cut. (Google square/flair haircut). One of James most noticeable features is a large scar running from the right side of their neck up to behind their right ear, it's in a ‘S’ shape. It came from an incident involving a tow cable snapping under high tension. James is usually seen wearing a teal layered tulle skirt, a black sweater, and whatever shoes that can match.
Weapon: A bow designed by their older sister Rowan -daughter of Hephaestus (My irl sisters character, she may eventually join the site). The bow can be compacted into a lighter that actually works. James also has a celestial bronze dagger that is concealed under their skirt.
Armor: Classic Greek armor
Pet(s): None
Skills/Talents: Talents acquired from their godly parent is accuracy in archery. James also has an in depth understanding of vehicle engines, taught to them by their mother.
Flaws: Their scar, and excessively freckled arms and torso is their physical flaws. Other flaws of James is that they are naive, and very short tempered. James also gets bored easily, which is because of their ADHD (hence being a demigod and all)
Strengths:James is an energetic and outgoing person. They are good at performing publicly (hence Apollo) and easily adapt when it comes to change (Flexibility).
Weaknesses: James is deathly afraid of water, anything deeper than your average bathtub is out of the question when it comes to James. They also never give people second chances, once they cross the line their trust goes out the window.
Likes: Theatre, french fries, the band ‘System of a Down’, reading, and the colour teal.
Dislikes: Open spaces, and being without their sister (acting on a stage is different though) and math
Fears: Water, the woods, and centipedes
Personality: James is a bit eccentric at first, seeing as the behave as a typical boy would and they dress in skirts and oversized hoodies, but after you get to know James they can be a humorous person. James tries their best to be kind, but sometimes they can be moody or come off as rude. James also is generally perceived as a grouchy person.
Abilities: Chromesthesia (a genetic defect that makes it so colours have sounds and vise versa. Yes, this is a real thing), and good accuracy with a bow (not as good as hunters obviously, but still pretty good for a first timer.) James also can heal faster than normal.
Powers: Nothing to special, just a sprinkle of poetry skills and a little bit of musical talent.
Social Status: James was bullied a lot by their former classmates for being a crossdresser. James was never really that popular.
Summer or Year Rounder: Year rounder because they prefer to stay in a place that they are accepted rather than at school where they are bullied and teased
Years at Camp: This is their first year
Life Before Camp: James had a fairly simple life with few people in it. There was his mom, Rowan, and the occasional friend who didn't judge him. James’ mother was often away from home weeks at a time because she worked in the oil fields up north, so it was usually just Rowan taking care of him. James and Rowan were as close as siblings can be, they did practically everything together. Although Ms. Lemanski was hardly ever around James still has a strong relationship with her. In school, James had always been a theatre kid. His passion for dressing up and changing character had made it easier for him to get through the school year. James had been crossdressing since he was 8, he never really understood the whole gender concept and always loved wearing his sister’s clothes. This worked out good because as a small income family buying clothes in both genders added up. Eventually James was tired of having to correct people that he was a boy so he eventually just started going by either pronoun.
Role-playing Example: How long has it been? 2 days? 3? Well, it doesn’t matter, James was lost and possibly being kidnapped by a man with goat legs. The goat-guy said he was going to take James to a ‘safe place for the magical’. At first James was skeptical, but her mind was quickly changed when she saw a dragon-like creature fly nearby. But now she became more and more skeptical the further they got into the woods.
“I swear, we are almost there. Maybe.” The goat guy said. James let out a grunt of frustration. “This place is called Camp Half-Blood, right? And it’s a place for dumu-people?” Asked James.
“Demigods, and yes.” He replied.
After a while in the forests the satyr stopped. “Here.” He spoke and pointed to a sign that read ‘Camp Half-Blood’
Notes: Not really much more to say, if you would like clarification of anything just ask :)

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