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PostSubject: G.G Morningstar   G.G Morningstar Icon_minitime3/26/2017, 11:43 pm

Name: Gabriel Gideon Morningstar

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Jet Black

Height: 5ft 9in

Body Type: A lean small body that is kept in toned shape.

Skin Color: Caramel Brown

God Parent: Eros

Mortal Parent: Lucille Morningstar

Country of Origin: United States

Pet: None

Talents: Taekwondo, Gymnastics, and Archery (He can keep up with the Apollo cabin and the Hunters), and eating sweets

Weapon: A bow and quiver

Personality: Gabe is a free spirit. That believes the burning battles of love are a part of growing up. He only judges others, based off of how they themselves treat others. Being kind to the ugliest of monsters with ease (as long as they are not trying to kill him. Which is rare.) Gabe prefers to listen to all sides of a story and will always help someone follow their hearts. Those that run away from what they really feel are a bit dead to him. He listens and follows to his heart first. No matter how hard it is. Love is a battlefield people and he is a warrior.

Flaws: Stubborn as a mule, very rebellious, with a penchant for being very spiteful if angered.

-Can fluently read, write, speak, and understand the romance languages.
-Vague knowledge of when someone is in love. Who the recipient of that love is, and other questions are lost to him.

-Enchant: Gabriel can enchant arrows of love and hatred. Arrows of love take the form of a pinkish white feathery arrow. When an object is hit, it can cause intense love or bravery in an open heart. For those that deny their feelings it causes intense pain (so put a little love in your heart). Hate arrows take the form of a gray lead like material. They can cause distrust, hatred, and negative emotions in a person. The effects of the arrows can be repressed with a strong will. It works best on humans and demigods. Monsters are damaged as if getting pierced by regular arrows. Each arrow takes a lot of energy to make and shoot. The first arrow requires a three post rest. Additional arrows made in the same thread, the rest count is plus one for each arrow.

-Love Chain (rope): Gabe can create a light pink rope from his hand that goes up six feet. He can use it to restrain as it is very sturdy, while restrained people will be forced to speak what is in their hearts. Keeping the power in the whip to keep someone restrained is often very exhausting. But it is fun for group bondage bonding.

Life Before Camp:
Gabriel was born to Lucille Morningstar in Florida. His mother was a travel guide and loved to travel across the globe. Going wherever her heart took her for adventure. She is a passionate woman that just loved and lived. Gabriel becoming her most beloved family. Gabriel grew up in seven different countries by the time he was nine. As of his ninth birthday his mother moved the two of them back to Florida permanently.

Gabe never knew much about his father and never asked. His mom called him “An angel of beauty that gave her a miracle.” She was never bitter about his father leaving just vague on the details. He was spoiled rotten. His mother had a lovely disposition so travel work was always easy. Her books sold and people loved her work. He grew up happy, unaware he was a demigod for the longest.

During Gabriel’s freshman year of highschool. Gabriel’s best friend was deeply infatuated with another member of the team. Every morning Gabriel got increasingly upset watching his friend struggle to say a word. His gymnastics team normally uses the gym right next to the archery field. On the way out from practice it was the same thing. He watched his friend Charus continue to stare at his crush. It was infuriating, Gabe was so made he picked up a bow and pretended to fire and arrow. What happened next was instinctual. He pointed the bow , picked up an arrow, watched as a white arrow with pink ribbons appeared, He fired it off and promptly passed out. That being the earliest manifestation of him using his powers. (Charus confessed. Him and his girlfriend are still together)

RP Example:

Gabriel took out his laptop and promptly typed away. The new episode of Yuri on Ice was coming out and he did not want to miss it. Sure, maybe he was supposed to be at the archery shootout competition. But this was more important! If he did not find out if Yuri won first place he may just shoot someone out of anger.

“Can you hear! My heart beating.” He stood and sang to the opening. Such a shame singing was not something he was blessed with. Nor was the dance like ballet moves he was trying to bust out with. Both being an insult to love, beauty, and eyesight. To anyone who even tried to witness the travesty. Still he was enjoying himself and having fun.

Any notes about your characters:
He writes fanfic
Talk to him about anime (he loves it)
His heart has a preference for guys
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PostSubject: Re: G.G Morningstar   G.G Morningstar Icon_minitime4/3/2017, 10:08 am


- The Hunters are inhumanly fast, so he could not keep up with them in archery.
- We don't allow actual love for powers -- how about very strong infatuation/desire?
- What do you mean when you say, 'forced to speak what is in their hearts'?

Rest looks good! (Taekwon-Do and Yuri on Ice, I love this character already.)


Click on the gifs

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G.G Morningstar Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o4_540

for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)
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