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 {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate

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PostSubject: {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate   {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate Icon_minitime4/11/2017, 10:46 pm

Name: Selena June
Age: 13
Dark Blue, like the endless shadowy depths
Short, spiky blonde hair, often with splashes of different colors
Height: 4’7
Body Type:
Ectomorph. Selena is a lanky, short teenage girl with a healthy amount of muscle, but nothing impressive.
Skin Color:
Pale White
God Parent:
Hecate, Goddess of Ghosts, Magic, and Necromancy
Mortal Parent:
Greg June.  
Country of Origin:
Selena has no pets at the current time, but when she was a girl she owned a small brown cat, Snuffles

*Good with Animals
*Good At Math
Weapon: A hunting knife she found when she was on the run from the wolves of Lycaeon, in the ruins of a hastily abandoned campsite.
Selena is a smart girl, easily capable of managing multiple trains of thought almost simultaneously, although she has a noticeably short temper with people who don’t see things her way. Despite this, when she tries, she can be nice enough, although most people would probably be fine with not having too much to do with her. She finds making friends difficult, but when she finally makes them she is loyal to a tee. She is an animal lover, and finds a stable, easy life preferable to the life she’s been given, but is smart enough to understand that she has to do what she can. She knows very little about the world she’s been thrust into, but as she’s naturally curious, Selena is determined to find out everything she can about this strange new world she’s been thrust into.

*Short Temper
*Lack of Knowledge about the Magical World

*Selena can see, and talk to, ghosts

*Mist Manipulation- She can summon small illusions and mistforms, no larger than her hand, that last 1 post, and have a 1 post cooldown
*Ability to Banish and Summon Ghosts- either use takes 1 post to use, last up to 5 posts, and requires a cooldown of 1 post +1 for every turn the power lasted.

Life Before Camp:

Selena was born to Greg June, a curator at the Royal BC Museum, whose love of history and book learning attracted the attention of both Athena and Hecate, with both Goddesses competing to get the attention of the absent-minded Greg. Hecate, however, in her disguise as the beautiful Mikaela, succeeded before Athena did, and although her and Greg shared a happy, glorious summer, Athena was angered and laid a curse upon both Greg and his unborn daughter- a curse of misfortune, that neither he nor Hecate realized had been laid upon him and his child. When Selena was born, she had a birthmark on her left bicep, a red mark in the shape of an Owl.

As she was growing up, she had the usual signs of a demigod- trouble with the school she was sent to, strange happenings constantly around her. Due to the troublemaker moniker she was dubbed, Selena took it upon herself to be a better kid, or at least she tried. Her best friend Jonathan insisted that she didn’t need to, that the teachers were just.. misunderstanding her. Over the years, Selena grew to resent the pressure, eased when her father bought her a pet, a small brown cat. Snuffles helped, but Selena still developed a strong independent streak, because she was, and to quote, “Tired of the lies.”

Around her thirteenth birthday, a glowing black torch appeared in front of her while she was spending time at her local library. Spooked, she called her father and he arrived soon, and as they were talking she noticed a strange man watching them, a man with one red eye…

Jonathan was the next to arrive, telling her father Greg they had to run. As they were driving home, he explained that he was a Satyr, and Selena was a “Demigod”. He told them there was a safe place they could flee to, but they needed to leave now. As they arrived at her father’s house, a small cabin slightly outside of the city, a pack of silver wolves emerged from the woods, and as Jonathan and her father began panicking, Selena screamed, and a silvery form appeared, driving off the wolves temporarily. The figure dissipated right after, and Jonathan and her father regained control and they escaped.

Eventually they decided to split up, with Jonathan taking Selena to Camp Half-Blood, and Greg leading the monsters north for as long as he could manage.Thus their flight began, by any means they could manage- bus, train, anything. The pair traveled south, aware they were being chased by the wolves. As they fled, Jonathan explained what he could to Selena, that these monsters wanted her, and they had to get this summer camp where she’d be safe.

Eventually, they were forced to cross the border via the forest, evading not only mortal border patrols but also the pursuing wolves. This is where Selena found her knife, and where her and Jonathan almost were separated. When they had finally crossed the border fully, they were able to make their way down to Long Island via the assistance of a nymph that Jonathan knew, Hazel. She helped them travel as far from her tree as she could, and sent word to Camp Half-Blood that they were coming, and gave Selena a token of goodwill- a leaf from her tree that would never wither as long as the young demigod had it on her.
Then they continued on their journey, a long, tiring final leg in which Selena was growing grumpier and angrier due to the stress, and had several arguments with Jonathan due to it. However, they eventually made it to Long Island, and Selena and Jonathan have made the final run, with the wolves of Lycaeon right on their heels… (OOC Note: would like play to start here with the arrival to CHB)

RP Example*:
Cold. That was the overriding feeling in Selena’s body right now. She panted as she tore through the woods, feeling more than seeing Jonathan running close by.
“They are almost on us! We can’t outrun them Jonathan, we need to stop them somehow”
Jonathan’s panicked reply tore through the air, and Selena noticed a flicker of motion out of the corner of her eye.

Still running, she risked a glance to see what it was and saw a slavering, silver furred wolf within touching distance, preparing to lunge. Selena ducked and rolled, feeling the large wolf fly over her body. She drew her knife and lunged, stabbing desperately at the monstrous creature, seeing it stop moving before fading away. She knew from experience that this wouldn’t last, they always came back.

Standing up as quickly as she could, she spied a strangely inviting looking tree, with wide roots and arching limbs. Something about it whispered… safety. Selena then heard Jonathan running back towards her, and he yelled to her, something about… hide in the tree?

Desperate, she did as he suggested, throwing her back against the tree, as Jonathan emerged next to her and did the same. In a moment, Selena felt a strange lull come over her, with sounds muted and colors dulled. She saw the pack run past, but they didn’t notice her or Jonathan. “A… glamour?” Selena thought in confusion. She’d heard the word and knew it’s usage but it seemed strange to be happening now.

Then a warm, motherly voice in her ear whispered to her, “Hello, daughter of Hecate. I see you needed help, young one?” And Selena turned to her right to see a beautiful woman in earthy clothes watching her from the branches of the tree… literally.

Any notes about your characters: Selena secretly loves the over the top, energetic style of certain anime, and as much as she tries not to, loves watching them. Her favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and she detests asparagus

{WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate 53ca27f500d8d078d71d3a45f1ff1683

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PostSubject: Re: {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate   {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate Icon_minitime4/14/2017, 6:59 am


- Demigods need celestial bronze weapons
- What exactly can she do with the Mist manipulation? What's the strongest thing she could do?
- What was the black torch about?
- Ghosts are not tangible -- how could they have driven off the wolves?
- Monsters smell demigod blood, so how would Greg, a mortal, have been able to lead the wolves aside?

Rest looks good :)


Click on the gifs

{WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o2_540
{WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o4_540

for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)
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PostSubject: Re: {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate   {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate Icon_minitime4/14/2017, 4:40 pm

1. Can her protector have given her a CB weapon then?
2. Edited in
3. That was supposed to be Hecate claiming her- with the thing about demigods being claimed by 13 after Percy made the gods swear to do that
4. I was thinking like a fear effect- kind of like a Banshee/Bean Sidhe
5. I was using the scent, forgot it was the blood they smelt, but that part can be omitted or edited somehow, not 100% sure how to edit it to keep it in though
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PostSubject: Re: {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate   {WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate Icon_minitime

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{WIP} Selena June, Daughter of Hecate
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