A Morning full of Mischief [Private] [Flashback]

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A Morning full of Mischief [Private] [Flashback]

Post by ~Corinthian~ on 4/19/2017, 12:54 am

Beep, Beep, Beep! The alarm clock rang out in the quiet cabin, much to Alexander's dismay. "Time to get up already?" he groaned. As much as he wanted to, he couldn't just stay in bed. Alexander had been at camp for about a year and he was gaining new responsibilities. Due to his previous experience with playing trumpet in school, he had volunteered to play the bugle every morning. I can't just let camp down like that, he thought as he mentally prepared himself for the day.

Alexander brought his hand down onto the alarm, silencing the device. He jutted his legs out of the covers and pulled himself up and out of the bed. Wiping the crust from his eyes, he made his way over to the window. It was still pretty dark outside as the sun hadn't fully rose. A loud yawn escaped Alexander's lips. He hadn't fully woken up and he had a bit of time to kill so he decided to go on a quick walk. He threw on his orange Camp Half Blood shirt, some shorts, and a pair of sneakers before heading out. Alexander traversed through the rest of Cabin 12, the sound of soft snoring filling his ears. The Dionysus kids had let Alexander live with them for a while due to their father's influence in the camp. Alexander didn't have his own cabin to live in so he alternated between the preexisting ones. His early bird nature contrasted the out-all-night party lifestyle of the other residents of Cabin 12.

He took a deep breath as he stepped out of the cabin and into the cabin courtyard. The soft morning breeze greeted him, swaying his hair ever so slightly. Alexander took a moment to let out a relaxed sigh as he admired the serenity of the quiet camp. He began to walk down the path, intending on following it a while before returning to the cabin to retrieve his bugle.

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Re: A Morning full of Mischief [Private] [Flashback]

Post by Morgan Landry on 4/27/2017, 7:57 pm

OOC: Sorry for the late reply -_-' Also I was wondering -- since this is flashback, wouldn't this have happened before the war, thus before cabin 24 was built?

BIC: "There he is."

"Unclaimed, that's your cue."

Lee snapped her fingers and straightened her jacket. "Right. Watch and learn, kiddos."

Sliding off the windowsill, she landed on the grass supplely and started following the guy. She knew she had only one chance to do this right and wasn't intending on blowing it up. A stunt like this would definitely give her a more definite place in cabin 11 than 'recent newcomer number 35'.
The dude himself was called Alexander and he was one of the endless minor deities bunch. She wasn't even sure whose kid he was -- some wind person, apparently. All she knew was that he had a bugle, and that she was gonna steal it.
She stalked Alexander discretely, a tiny scrawny grasshopper of a person hovering a few meters behind him, never totally in sight and always taking advantage of the surroundings to blend into the background.
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