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PostSubject: Cypress Revamped    Cypress Revamped  Icon_minitime5/8/2017, 8:33 pm

Cypress Revamped  Tumblr_o0phtadAD51tfgjnso2_250
Name: Cypress Oko Rye
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown like rich soil
Hair: Black
Height: 5'11"
Body Type: Endomorph
Skin Color: Dark caramel
God Parent: Demeter; Greek goddess of agriculture, fertility, sacred law, the seasons, and the harvest.
Mortal Parent: Iasion Rye
Country of Origin: United States of America
Pets: None
Talents: Gardening, cooking, herbalism, and farming.
Weapon**: Celestial bronze kopis
Personality: Cypress is a loving and nurturing person. He cares immensely about his friends and family. At times, he can become fussy, but thatís only because heís concerned for someoneís safety. This is where his overprotective nature comes into play. Aside from this, Cypress is an empathic person at times, but when he isnít happy, he wants nothing to do with anyone or anything except for those very close to him. When it comes to finding a guy to date, heís very cynical about love and believes that no matter what, whoever heís with, will find something better and move on. Overall, Cypress is an amazing person who just wants to live to be eighteen. He has a tendency to become absentminded and thus, he looses track of time and that can hender him. He also loves to use herbs and wants to try aromatherapy.
Flaws: Absentminded, overprotective, picky
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
Growth Aura: If Cypress stands in an early area for more than three minutes, plants start to grow at his feet. The aura is about a foot †in radius
Plant Names: Cypress automatically know not only the lame name of the plant, but also the Latin version of it. He can also communicate with plants
Poison Immunity: Immunity to plant poison
Demeter's sacred animal: Cypress can communicate with his mother's sacred animals.
Excellent Cook!: Cypress can whip up any meal sometimes without even looking up recipes. Everything just seems to work out!
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
Chlorokinesis: Cypress, like other children of Demeter, has the awesome power to control plants at will. Whether it's growing a simple lily or creating seven foot tall wheat monster, he can do it. Cypress can manipulate plant life for five posts with a three cool down between each usage. He can control plants that are in a ten foot radius of himself. The largest he can control is a seven foot plant.
Fertile Soil: If Cypress come across an area that is barren and is unable to yield any produce, he can use his powers to make the soil fertile again. He can do this twice in one topic with a three topic cool down. The effect will be permanent so this will require a good amount of energy. The size of the field can't be no larger than twenty by seven foot field.
Summoning Karpoi: The son of Demeter can summon karpoi. It takes him two posts to summon one. The karpoi usually lasts for five posts with a topic cool down.
Life Before Camp*:
Iasion met Demeter while at a fresh food market. He was selling jars of different preserved from his farm and this caught the goddess attention. After a couple of dates, Cypress was conceived.
Cypress was born on Mount Olympus in Demeter's cabin then shipped off to his father who was raised on a former sugar planation in South Carolina. There Cy was raised and taken care of by him and soon to be step-mother. As a little child, the unclaimed demigod enjoyed playing in the dirt as well as helping his step mother water the plants around the house and in the garden. Every year doing grade school for Mother's day, his class would make flowers for their mothers. For him, his flowers always seemed to out last all the kids' plants. †He loved the change in both scenery and culture and had no intention of leaving until things started to get very weird. At the age of thirteen, a satyr was assigned to Cypress to go take him to New York by car.
RP Example*: n/a
Any notes about your characters:
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PostSubject: Re: Cypress Revamped    Cypress Revamped  Icon_minitime6/11/2017, 8:05 pm

-Add at least one physical flaw please.

-Just for clarification, can you just explain to me what they plant communication entails?

-Add a bit more of a cool down for theFertile Soil power since you said it takes a lot of power.

-Did Cypress go willingly with the saytr? How did both he and his father react.

The rest looks good! Morgan is making me an approver soon so i can get you approved and moved soon.
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Cypress Revamped
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