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 (Wip) Zacharias James Williams - Son of Apollo

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His birth name is Zacharias James Williams. His first name, Zacharias, is the Greek variant of the Hebrew name Zechariah. The name means, "The lord has remembered." Originally his mother wanted to name him Zechariah, but after she found out the alternate spelling was Greek, like his father, she thought that was a good way to honour him. She picked the name Zacharias as another way to remember his father. His middle name, James, is of English origin meaning, "Supplant" or "Replace." She named Zacharias this simply because she thought it was an interesting name, after all there doesn't have to be some in depth explanation for everything. Finally his last name, Williams, is also of English origin. It literally translates to just, "Son of William." Obviously, as it's a surname, it was inherited from his mother and there wasn't really choice in the matter of naming him with that surname. Zacharias doesn't have any real nicknames other than when people call him, "Zach." He isn't sure exactly why it bugs him so, but it does. His only other nickname is his mothers pet name for him which he finds utterly humiliating. She calls him her, "little Zachy-bear." This is a result of his favourite animal growing up being a bear. Luckily no one at camp currently knows of this nickname.

Zacharias is biologically male and he's considered cis-gender as he's the same gender as his biological sex. As such he prefers "he/him" pronouns.

Mortal Parent:
His mother is a woman born with the name Grace Marie Williams. Grace was born January 15th, 1977. Being born on that date currently makes her forty years old. She was born in a hospital in London, England. Actually, the same hospital her son was born in. She grew up there. In school she was a major theatre nerd. She took all the drama classes she could, participated in a drama club, and did whatever she could at the local theatre all through junior high and high school. This love of theatre started when she was very young. Her mother and father would always take her to plays in an attempt to "culture" her. As a result she fell in love with acting. Going to the theatre brought her so much joy she wanted to bring that theatre to others. After years of doing small parts at a small theatre she was hired to do a traveling production. One of the places she went was Portland, Oregon in the United States of America. Once there after a show, she was about nineteen at the time, she met a man she fell in love with. Once she returned to England she continued a relationship with him through Skype. A few months later he learned he was dying of a terminal illness and she agreed to live with him in America until he passed away. During this time with her work visa she tried to get as many acting jobs as she could. Three years after he passed away, when she was twenty two, she was living in England again when she met Apollo. Apollo posed as a director for a show. He said he was producing a play back in Portland. So of course she moved there to be a part of it. During the next few months she started falling in love again. And soon she was pregnant with her son. Apollo had her go there in an attempt to at least have the baby be born in the same continent as the camp. Right before he left her he revealed who he truly was. She's convinced Apollo likely forgot about her at this point but she could never forget about him. She gave birth to her son at age 24 and is currently a part time waitress in Portland Oregon to make ends meet between plays.

God Parent:
His God parent is Apollo. Apollo, also called Apollon, is one of the twelve Olympians in Greek mythology. He's the god of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. But, he's more commonly just known for being the god of the arts, medicine, prophecy, and the sun. He's the twin brother of the goddess Artemis. He's the son of Zeus and Leto. He admired Zacharias' mothers dedication to an art, even though theatre isn't always considered an art it is one, and became attracted to this dedication. He stayed with her through some of the pregnancy but had to go before his son was born.

Date of Birth:
Zacharias was born in the year 2001, the date was May 3rd. This means he recently turned sixteen years old. Many people say he acts and looks older than he actually is. He was a sophomore in highschool and next year he'll be a junior if he decides to continue school. On his birthday he passed his driving test so he has a licence.

Place of Birth:
He was born in Portland, Oregon, United States of America. He was born in a hospital in downtown Portland near his mother's small two bedroom house. Because he was born in America he was born a citizen and he currently has dual citizenship in America and Britain.

Hometown/Last Residence:
During the school year he lived in Portland, Oregon in America where he was born. He lived with his mother there. But during summer break he lived in his grandparents large house in London, England. He considers both places his hometowns.

His race is caucasian because his ancestors are from the Caucasus region of Europe so he's of a white skin tone. His ethnicity is British-American, this is because of his dual citizenship.

Growing up and learning to speak hearing his mothers thick British accent has caused him to have one as well. It hasn't lessened any through time, if anything from living in Britain during the summer his accent keeps getting thicker and thicker. Anyone who hears him can definitely tell that he's not of American blood. He's totally fine with this as he finds the American accent lazy almost as, even though most of us don't notice it, we don't fully pronounce words. If you think of the stereotypical British accent that's him. Instead of "hello" it's " 'ello". If you're his friend you become his mate. Instead of garbage he says rubbish. After a vowel he tends to drop the "r" but he holds out the vowel. For example, when he says, "I'll park the car in the garage" it may sound more like, "I'll paak the caa in the gaage." In words like girl with a "rl" sound he makes the "r" silent but doesn't hold the vowel so it sounds more like, "gil". When he says "mirror" it sounds more like "miruh". In words like "stupid" he pronounces the "u" as "ew" rather than "oo" so stupid sounds like "stewpid". In words like "bath" or "grass" he pronounces the "a" as "ar" so it sounds like "barth" and "grarss". While in some British accents, such as a cockney accent, people drop the "t" in certain words, he doesn't. With some words he pronounces them as written. For example, "been" is pronounced as "bean" rather than "bin". Instead of saying, well let's just call it the "f-bomb" he'll likely say bloody, which according to some sources is the same thing.
Note: I'm an American going off of what the internet has told me I apologise if this is incorrect

Skin Tone:
Unlike most children of Apollo, he doesn't have super tan skin, or really even very slightly tan skin. He's honestly pale enough to be a son of Khione or Hades. He has a porcelain skin tone lacking actual freckles but he does have some slight "beauty marks" of sorts on his pale skin. He doesn't tan in the sun but he also doesn't burn he just stays pasty white.

Eye Color:
His eyes are a deep blue colour. His blue eyes are a bit darker and would be considered to be "Pacific blue". His mother has the same eye colour as him so he enjoys thinking about that similarity the two share.

Hair Color:
Like most of his half siblings, Zacharias is a natural blonde. His natural hair colour would likely be considered "champagne blonde". This trait was inherited from his father. But he was never a huge fan of having blonde hair so ever since he turned fourteen he began dying it black. So everyone knows him as having a natural looking jet black hair. For his eyebrows his simply lightly traces them with black pencil to make them look more like his hair.

Hair Length:
His hair would likely be considered medium length for a male. It goes a little past his ear and is a little longer in the back than the front. He has longer bangs he parts to his right, left if you're facing him. His hair is thinner. Naturally it's curly but he straightens it by brushing it with tons of water involved.

His height in feet would be 6'1, in centimetres that would make him 185.42 centimetres. In the United States the average height for a sixteen year old male is about five feet, six inches according to some sources. So he's a bit taller than average but his height isn't too strange.

Zacharias weighs 143 pounds or 64.864 kilograms. This means while he is in the healthy weight range he has a risk of becoming underweight as his body max index is 18.9. This is from a fast metabolism mixed with lack of muscle mass.

Body Type:















Social Status:

Summer or Year Rounder:

Years at Camp:

Life Before Camp:

Role-playing Example:

~He was never taught how to swim
~He's closeted homosexual

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(Wip) Zacharias James Williams - Son of Apollo
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