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Name: Ptolemy Major Sherman
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown, almost black
Hair: Black
Height: 6'0"
Body Type: Mesomorph, athletic
Skin Color: Deep tan
God Parent: Ares; god of war, violence, battlelust, and rage
Mortal Parent: Cassidy Thomas
Country of Origin: USA
Pets: None
Talents: Swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, drawing, reading people, and marksmanship
Weapon**: Celestial bronze spear, knife and shield.
Personality: Ptolemy has a leadership personality. He only wants the best for his cabin as well as the camp. Unlike most of his siblings, he doesnít have an insane need to cause conflict and problems. Sometimes, it just happens and he honestly hates it. Though, in some cases, he does fit the Aresí stereotype. Sometimes he does think without acting which causes the problems that he claims not to start. Ptolemy still blames himself for his motherís death and to this day still feels bad about it. He is slowly coping with the death of his mother.
Flaws: Acting without thinking, blames myself for his motherís death, and crass
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
Can communicate with Aresí sacred animals
Has a three foot aura that causes the people around him to become angry and want to fight.
Enhanced strength, speed, and agility.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
Telumkinesis: He can control up to five weapons at a time. He can do this for three posts with a six post cool down.
Weapon Cursing: Ptolemy can curse weapons of his opponents. He can turn arrowheads into rubber, and cause swords and other weapons to become dull and rusted. The curses usually last for five posts. He will need a six post cool down in between.
Life Before Camp*: Ares, under the mortal name of Travis Sherman, fell in love with a mortal named Cassidy after she fought off two attackers with a brick in her purse. The god bought her a few drinks, went on a couple of dates and about a month, Ptolemy was conceived. However, before he was born, Ares revealed who he really was. Cassidy didnít believe him so to show proof, the god of war, changed into his clothes into that of a Roman solider. Cassidy was taken aback and fully believed him.
Growing up, Ptolemy was always a problem child. In school, he either caused fights or was somehow involved in them. Ptolemy didnít know why this was and asked his mother if something was wrong with him. His mother reassured him that he was just fine the way he was. At the age of thirteen, Ptolemyís mother was attacked by a monster with one eye. Unfortunately, he was unable to save her. Before social services could take him away, his best friend, a satyr in disguise, took him to Camp Half-Blood where he would be safe. He was claimed two weeks later after taking down someone twice his size in the arena.
RP Example*: n/a
Any notes about your characters:
fc//: Jacob Anderson
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-Add at least one physical flaw.

-How much enhancement?

-How big/heavy can the weapons be max? Do bow and arrows count as 1 or 2 weapons?
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