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 Shauna "Shae" Johnson

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PostSubject: Shauna "Shae" Johnson   Shauna "Shae" Johnson Icon_minitime5/13/2017, 12:59 am

Name:Shauna "Shae" Johnson
† †Physical Age: 15
† †Gender:female
† †Eyes: blue grey
† †Hair: black and about waist length
† †Height: 5ft 6 in
† †Body Type: average and slightly curvy
† †Skin Color: tan from being in the sun
† †God Parent:Aphrodite
† †Mortal Parent: Joshua Johnson
† †Country of Origin: Italy, though it doesn't look like it
† †Pets: none
† †Talents: she's very fast and works very well with others
† †Weapon**: silver bow with celestial bronze arrows
† †Personality: kind, quiet, loyal, protective, active, athletic, works better with others than by herself
† †Flaws: not very independent
† †Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): marksmanship, fast reflexes
† †Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):slight charm speak
† †Life Before Hunt*: Her dad used to be a famous actor. That was until he got tired of the fame and started getting drunk a lot, along side his friends. Her dad started growing drunk on a regular bases, completely ignoring her. she started getting in trouble just to get attention. After one of her dad's drunk friends tried to do something that could put him in jail, she finally packed up her stuff and ran away, her dad not caring when she tried to tell him. She was 15 when that happened She decided that guys only cared for themselves and didn't truly love girls. she soon found camp and was claimed almost the same day. she decided to join the hunters after many guys tried flirting with her and also saw how her siblings only seemed to care for themselves
† †RP Example*: I sighed slightly as i walked through the trees alongside the other hunters, the moonlight shining through the leaves above. It was a beautiful night with the way the moonlight shone on the ground. We eventually set up camp for the night, having chosen a decent size clearing with enough room for all the tents we needed for all the hunters. Tonight i started off with guard duty alongside a few other hunters to alert the others in case of an attack. I sat in one of the tall trees, the dark green leaves keeping me easily concealed from the ground and a sky view. You could see me from in the nearby trees, but i was at the right angle to keep from being seen so easily.
† †Any notes about your characters: she has a scar that stretched from above her right ear, under her eye, and to her nose

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PostSubject: Re: Shauna "Shae" Johnson   Shauna "Shae" Johnson Icon_minitime6/11/2017, 8:31 pm

-Add one more mental flaw and at least one physical.

-Abilities and powers are supposed to relate to the God Parent, in this case Aphrodite, and they donít in this case. I recommend changing the GP to Apollo or Ares if you wish to keep the said abilities.

-Charmspeak is NOT allowed for demigods si please either remove this or change it for another power.

-Demigods can only be taken to camp by either a mortal parent who knew about the camp from their godly lover, a guardian sayer or a group of demigods who were assigned to hunt and bring back other unclaimed demigods. Sayers are most commonly used.

Please change the form accordingly but the rest looks good.
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Shauna "Shae" Johnson
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