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 (WIP) Chelsey Eddison - Apollo

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PostSubject: (WIP) Chelsey Eddison - Apollo    (WIP) Chelsey Eddison - Apollo  Icon_minitime5/13/2017, 2:27 pm

Name: Chelsey Eddison
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Sarah Eddison. Got Apollo's attention through her poetry. She published the Book of Poems in 1998.
God Parent: Apollo
Date of Birth: July 13th, 2003 (aged 13)
Place of Birth: Hawaii
Hometown/Last Residence: Hawaii. However, she moved to New York at 6.
Accent: Chelsey has a slight British accent.
Skin Tone: Tan
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: 9 inches.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 51 pounds.
Body Type: Lean
Appearance: Chelsey wears soft blue pants with her Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. She also wears white gloves.
Weapon: Bow and arrow. The wood is painted red.
Armor: Full set of diamond armor.
Pet(s): White kitten named Harmony.
Skills/Talents: Playing the lyre, healing
Flaws: Klutzy, short-tempered, emotional, weak, holds grudges
Strengths: Friendly, kind, loyal, honest, compassionate
Weaknesses: Bad at sword-fighting, weak legs, obsession with Minotaur Soup (soup made with Minotaur blood and Minotaur meat), has peanut allergy, is scared of swimming
Likes: helping other people, playing the lye, relaxing in meadows, the sun, Minotaur Soup,  her kitten, every food except peanuts
Dislikes: seeing people sad, swimming, hearing people scream, peanuts, the dark, being alone, getting hurt
Fears: swimming, letting people down
Social Status:
Summer or Year Rounder:
Years at Camp:
Life Before Camp:
Role-playing Example:
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(WIP) Chelsey Eddison - Apollo
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