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Demigod Form :
Name: Thomas Welton

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown, Crew-Cut

Height: 4ft. 11

Body Type: Average height and build; not particularly muscular, however not weak by any means.

Skin Color: Mildly Tan.

God Parent: Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Mara Welton

Country of Origin: The United States of America

Pets: A Siberian Husky named Tundra

Talents: Quick Learner, Creative, Outdoorsman, Tinkerer, good with tech.

Weapon: Celestial Bronze Battle Hammer called Blaze.

Personality: Good-natured, energetic, always optimistic, loves meeting people who share his enthusiasm for tech.

Flaws: Headstrong, often obsessive with learning about new tech, can't stand people who misunderstand his ideas.

Abilities: Good with making and fixing things, as well as computer programming.

Powers: Able to create fire from his fingertips, when he sees a mechanical problem, he is usually able to detect the problem almost immediately.

Life Before Camp: Thomas Welton lived in his stepfather's mechanic shop after his mother died. He showed amazing engineering aptitude from a her young age. He was able to find and fix problems very quickly in cars, power tools, lawn equipment, etc. He started working for his father at age 11, until he turned 13. One day in school, the school bully was trying to take his money. He refused, and the bully swung a punch at him. Thomas held up his hands defensively, and they caught aflame. He accidentally burned the bully, who started dripping gold blood from his wound, and he ran away. Thomas's friend, billy, (who turned out to be a satyr) took him to camp half-blood.

RP Example: I ran toward the minotaur with blaze in my hands, ready for action. I raised it above my head as I yell a fearsome battle cry. My blow crushes down upon his head, defeating him with one strike. As I hear the voice of my best friend coming from his mouth, I slowly wake up. "Wake up!" He said. 'Too bad my REAL life can't be that awesome...' I think as I get out of bed. I look out the cabin window and see kids in Greek armor walking down the street. I look over to the centaurs racing past. 'Oh, yeah.' I think. 'It is!'

Any notes about your characters:
Thomas has a mild immunity to fire and heat. Eg. Is resistant to small burns, doesn't mind hot rooms. He also is more sensitive to the cold.
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[WIP] Thomas Welton - Hephaestus
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