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PostSubject: Xaden Alexander Tesla - Athena   Xaden Alexander Tesla - Athena Icon_minitime5/22/2017, 9:27 pm

Name: Xaden Alexander Tesla
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Eyes: Ashy Brown
Hair: Warm Black
Height: 6' (give or take a half inch depending on the day, causes constant anxiety to perfectionist nature)
Body Type: Thin, Wiry (Type of person you pick a fight with expecting to win and get dominated.)
Skin Color: Pale
God Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Marie Tesla (descendant of Nikola Tesla, works at Large Hadron Collider)
Country of Origin: 1st generation out of Serbia (Resident of the United States since age 1)
Pets: An Albino Jackson's Chameleon by the name of Goris. Goris was a gift from Xaden's Godly parent. Goris has a blessing, not yet known, that he may turn any living thing to stone under the condition that they must return to their prior state before the turn of the next day.
Talents: Xaden learns anything the first time seen or read. Quick thinker, battle strategist, only proficient in a real battle.
Weapon: Celestial bronze hand scythe
Personality: Sociable when necessary, not extroverted. Often not desirable to talk to due to use of large words. Will do anything for people he cares for. Looks for affection in romantic relationships to make up for what he didn't receive from his parents during childhood.
Flaws: Perfectionist, Argumentative (in an effort to train his intellectual mind, his mental health has fallen apart, he is plagued with Major Depressive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Abilities: Weaving, warfare strategy, inventive
Powers: Telumkinesis, Heightened Senses, Temporary Power Replication (one at a time)
Life Before Camp*:) Marie gave up custody of Xaden to focus on her work. Xaden was adopted by Kristen Woods and Dennis Long. By the age of 3, Xaden's adopted parents had split up, his dad joining the military. At the age of 9, Xaden's adopted mother became addicted to narcotics and overdosed shortly after. Xaden ran away from home, taking shelter in libraries of Pennsylvania's more rural towns during the day. †At night, Xaden would use his vast knowledge to survive in Parker Dam State Park without drawing attention.
RP Example: I was back in the forests I once knew. Odd, a child of Athena taking comfort in the outdoors. I guess I never was the typical sort. I searched vigilantly for what I like to call my work bench, but in reality it was more like a planed log with whatever parts I could find in the trash behind Radio Shack. Whatever creature I thought I had escaped now mad rustling sounds in the distance. I caught a glimpse of what was once home for me. I dashed for my workbench, grabbing the most complete looking contraption. I did some fine tuning, my hands working like they had been meticulously manufactured to do so, as if the were an automaton from Hephaestus' own forge. Again, I've questioned my handiness since being claimed. Out of the corner of my eye, my pursuer reveals itself, lunging toward me. I quickly activate the small metal sphere I hold in my hand. A flash goes off and I pass out.
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PostSubject: Re: Xaden Alexander Tesla - Athena   Xaden Alexander Tesla - Athena Icon_minitime6/12/2017, 2:31 pm

-You cannot have a gift from a god parent unless you have previously bought one or won one from a mystery box using Drachms.

-The first Ďtalentí isnít really a talent and more of an Ability seeing as it relates to his God Parent. Please move to the appropriate section.

-Needs at leas one physical flaw.

-Elaborate a bite more as to how strong they are and how he can use them seeing as some of them are more powers than abilities.

-Needs a LOT of detail. How long do the powers last? Cool down between uses? How drained do they leave him? How effective are they? How can another demigod avoid them? ect.

Life Before Camp
-Did he get to camp? How?

-Seeing as his adopted mother was a drug addict the social services would have come and gotten him before she died seeing as he would not be getting food and essentials as well as other necessities.

-Also itís unlikely he would be able to survive long without being attacked by monsters.

-How old was he when he ran away?

-I may ask you to rewrite the LBC entirely seeing as there are legality reasons that this would not work as well as his apparent luck without getting attacked or chased by social services.
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Xaden Alexander Tesla - Athena
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