Haley Marie Asher ~ Daughter of Hecate ~ Remake ~ WIP

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Haley Marie Asher ~ Daughter of Hecate ~ Remake ~ WIP

Post by Blue on 5/31/2017, 11:54 am

“I've learned that we're all entitled to have our secrets.” –Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Name: Haley Marie Asher

Nickname(s): Hales, Blue, Ash, Leyley, Lee

Gender: Cis Female. She/her pronouns.

Mortal Parent: - Jacob Asher: Born and raised in North Carolina, Jacob is a hard working man who has always looked after his daughter. Though they may not see eye to eye and argue a lot, but he has her best interests at heart.
~Sarah Asher:
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Personality: "Random is probably a good word?"
When you look at Haley, a few things might come to mind, however, you may need to leave those assumptions at the door. When first meeting her, you can tell that she's shy, and you may do good to get a full sentence out of the girl. This could be due to her social anxiety. Due to her anxiety, Haley has a hard time making friends, causing her to be very attached, protective and loyal over the few people that she connects with. Large crowds and speeches are the bane of her existence.Despite her anxiety, deep down the girl is a people person. She has no use for small talk, and loves the deeper conversations. Inside jokes and laughter with those few special people always brighten her day.
Haley is said to be intelligent, mainly by that of book smarts. When it comes to people, she's still trying to figure some things out. Manly their ignorance. Due to her being a quiet person, the girl has time to observe others, making her an excellent reader of facial expressions. Overly sarcastic remarks and being overly blunt can make her come off as a cold hearted bish sometimes. A forgiving person towards most, once Haley is done with you, she's done. She's careful about the people she trusts, and though she tries her hardest to see the best in everyone, it doesn't always work. Haley is a trustworthy person, and if she promises you something, expect her to follow through with it one-hundred percent of the time. If you do not intend to fully keep a promise that you are about to make/have already made to the young woman, expect nothing less than for her yo shut you out of her life and for all trust to be lost.
Under the sarcasm, the girl is really just a goofball. With inappropriate jokes and pranks, she can sometimes -but rarely- be considered the life of the party. She's the friend that always has the snacks. If you're brave enough to tickle her, she's not responsible for your medical bills. Speaking of physical touching, Haley doesn't do well with casual things such as hugs, people bumping her in the school hallway, etc. It's nothing personal, as she even shies away from her closets friends and families touch. It's just who she is.
Under the hard exterior, and the brightest smile, there's still a person that no one knows; her closest friends having barely any idea. That person is the girl that cries herself to sleep; the girl that wakes every morning to find that she's disgusted with the person she sees in the mirror. The girl that locks herself in the bathroom stall, sinking to the floor while gripping handfuls of her hair, her body shaking with uncontrollable emotion as she tries to compose herself. The girl that criticizes herself over the smallest things. The depressed, invisible, hallowed out shell of a person.

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