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 Orva Frère- Daughter Of Aphrodite

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PostSubject: Orva Frère- Daughter Of Aphrodite   Orva Frère- Daughter Of Aphrodite Icon_minitime6/8/2017, 5:26 pm

Orva Frère- Daughter Of Aphrodite FRENCH+copy
Name: Orva Frère

Age: 17 Years Old

Gender: Cis-Female

Eyes: She has attractive, yet dull blue eyes, which she uses to get what she wants.

Hair: Orva's hair is shoulder-length, brown and wavy.

Height: 5' 9"

Body Type: She's an inverted triangle, with slightly skinnier hips.

Skin Color: Caucasian

God Parent: Aphrodite- Goddess of Beauty, and Love.

Mortal Parent: Enzo Frère, a model for a local magizine

Country of Origin: Lyon, France

Pets: A small fluffy dog, named Diamant, whom she feeds so much, he is fat.

Talents:  Manipulating others.

Weapon**: She has a knife, made hidden inside of a comb. She carries it in her purse, and don't worry, the blade's celestial bronze.

Personality:  Orva is what many people hate. A lying sack of potatoes, who uses you then throws you away. She expects big things to happen to her without doing much at all, and never shares her stuff unless she has plans with you, or sees you as a close relationship. However, she is popular at her school and knows how to lead, whether into good or bad situations.

Flaws: Manipulative, Selfish, Expects things to happens to her

Abilities: Unless you have a strong will power, it's hard to resist when Orva asks you for something. Due to her beauty, anyone sexually or romantically attracted to females finds it hard to refuse Orva. Trust me, she will use this to her advantage.
Powers: N/A

Life Before Camp*: From the moment she was born, Orva was surrounded by nothing but luxury, only at the cost she do photoshoots, and be the perfect daughter. So that's wat she did, and she grew a small amount of fame. Her family, meaning her father and her, were more than paid for because of their modelling careers.

She went to school, and some of the kids knew her name. She was fairly popular! This gave her an "I am the best" way of thinking, and she started turning into the girl she is today.

On her fifteenth birthday, Orva learned her "crush", Jacques, was a satyr, and she was taken to Camp-Half-Blood, soon afterwards, she never spoke to Jacques again.

RP Example*: "Est-ce ceci?" Orva asked the satyr, who was with her on the boat. "Sommes-nous ici?" She saw the look of confusion on the creatures?  Whatever you called a smelly half goat's face. "I'm sorry, I meant... Is this it. Are we here now?" The saytr nodded, no words exchanged. "Dieu merci, nous sommes là." Thank God, we are here.

Her Swimsuit:
Her Fall Outfit:
Her Winter/Comfy Outfit:
Her Summer Outfit:
Semi-Formal Dress:
Her Pajamas:
Her Knife-Comb:
Diamant- Her Dog:
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PostSubject: Re: Orva Frère- Daughter Of Aphrodite   Orva Frère- Daughter Of Aphrodite Icon_minitime6/11/2017, 7:59 pm

-Add at least one more trait to Personality please.

-Explain what you mean by “expects things to happen to her” in flaws.

-Need at least one physical flaw.

-The ability you have listed would be classified as a power and not an ability seeing as it affects others. Please move this to the powers section and add limitations accordingly.

-I would like a bit more info for her being taken to camp. How did her father not react seeing as she was used in photo shoots? Did she go willingly or put up a fight? Why did the sayer reveal himself? Was she attacked by a monster?
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Orva Frère- Daughter Of Aphrodite
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