Rick Wilmer - Athena

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Rick Wilmer - Athena

Post by Rick Sanchez on 6/20/2017, 2:27 am

Name: Rick Wilmer

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Eyes: Bright blue

Hair: Brunette

Height: 1m75

Body Type: Lean

Skin Color: Fair

God Parent: Athena, the goddess of wisdom, war and such

Mortal Parent: Henry Wilmer. An eccentric scientist who has never accomplished anything in his life. He later died when one of his contraptions blew up, killing him and leaving a bloody mess.

Country of Origin: The United States of America

Pets: Nein

- Scientific understanding: he knows astrophysics, chemistry, practical physics, chemotherapy and thermodynamics. Inherited from the old coup he lived with for 13 years
- Sparring: having trained for years, Rick is powerful with the sword he possesses, although he often leaves a vulnerable spot that is his legs whenever he strikes
- Archery: he likes 9 gauge plasma pistols better, but the bow's a second option. Having played FPS and trained since the day he came, Rick is a sharpshooter who can hit a bullseye from 200 yards, but rarely does it.
- Engineering: he has studied engineering his whole life, and eventually began building crazy inventions, none of which, unfortunately, ever succeeded, much like his father. Still, he can craft fairly better than a whole lot of people

Weapon**: a Celestial bronze sword dubbed 'Jerry' that he was given on his first day at camp, taken from the weapons stock.

- Often selfish, but really loves his twin sister, though he never shows it. He often tells her 'F*ck you' whenever he gets annoyed, though Reyna never took it personal. In the event she is held at near death, he is willing to tell the person holding her to kill her, acting it out so professionally only those with the ability to detect lies can figure out he's bluffing.
- Pessimistic views on life: hates the government, love, school and any kind of system or people who tries to tell him what to do
- Sarcastic in a bad way: 'if I had a dollar for every idiot who sits in the White House, I'll buy Microsoft'. Enough said
- Alcoholic: he got addicted at 15, and has since kept a flask with alcohol in his lab coat.
- Protective: he loves his twin, and will protect her at all costs, though occasional 'F*ck you' s will come up.

Literally his entire personality, excluding his protectiveness and love for his sister. He has a scar on his cheek, from a monster attack in the past, which  he really dislikes and often tries to hide it. His ADHD is higher than normal demigods, making him even more easily distracted than other half-bloods.

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
- Bluffing: being the child of Athena, Rick has the natural ability to bluff anyone without the ability to detect lies.
- Swiftness: being the god of war, Athena has given her son speed, which exceeds the average human capability.
- Buff: he gains faster reflexes during combat in comparison to normal demigods, thanks to his ADHD being slightly higher than others.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Nein

Life Before Camp*: Henry Wilmer has been trying to get a break his whole life. He was born in the 70s, growing up in a rich family that lives in Manhattan. His parents wanted him to become a lawyer, which he disgusts and expresses his wish to become the next Einstein. During the course of his life, he saw many strange things, including one-eyed people. Eventually, he inherited the rich from his parents, and made a laboratory out of his home. On one uneventful day, he drank a whole flask of alcohol, then attempted to build a flying car. The experiment ended disastrously, blowing up his entire household, destroying all his property, leaving him with a large garage which was intact nearby.

Depressed, Henry ends up in a bar down in New York. He meets an attractive young woman who calls herself simply as "Jana". She is disgusted by his alcoholic behaviour, along with everyone else in the bar. She mumbles about several laws of thermodynamics that she was reviewing, when Henry overheard it, crashed in and completed her line. She becomes impressed by his scientific knowledge that seperated him from everyone else at where they were. They continued discussing science as they left the bar, and promised to meet each other again.

The next time he came to see her, they were on a date together. Eventually, they shared a kiss. After a month being in a relationship, she came to him and told him that she was in fact the goddess Athena. Doubtful at first and shunning the idea of a "god", she proved her status as a deity to him. She explained how he was able to look through the Mist, and tells him that they were going to have a child together. She teaches him how to protect the children against monstrers.

Almost 9 months later, they sired children. Athena had given birth to twins: a boy and a girl, which Henry respectively named Rick (after Rick Sanchez) and Reyna (because he was a fan of Star Wars), then dumped them on Henry's doorstep, severely hurting the man. Reyna was a strong but lovely, kind and caring person, while Rick was a selfish pessimist and the brighter one of the two. Rick was a huge atheist, and strongly believed that gods and monsters didn't exist, only science. He rejected the possibility of Athena being his mother, and instead settles on a theory that his father was completely fooled by some woman.

The two grew up with a peaceful life in the place that his father has completely barred up against the world for unknown reasons. Rick and Reyna, much like Henry, believe school is stupid. Thus, they are homeschooled by their father. They made friends, most of whom Henry shut out due to his distrust toward them, suspecting some might be a monster.

Everything was well, until Rick was 13. He began to attract more monsters to come to his home, and with Reyna's own force, managed to draw four Hellhounds into their household. Henry brought the children into the Panic Room, where lights shined consistently from all directions to block shadow travel. He shows them a tunnel to crawl outside, while he sets off one of the inventions that blew up massively, killing himself and all four of the hellhounds. Rick became traumatized by his father's death later on.

As they wander the nearby town hopelessly, without any home, one of their friends, Gary, saw them. He led them into an alley, where he told Rick that he was a satyr: a half-goat, half-man being tasked with bringing demigods to Camp Half-Blood: a safehaven for Greek half-bloods everywhere. They distrusted him when he refused to show his goat legs, and they for some reason can't see through the Mist, but had nowhere else to go, so chose to follow him to a shelter for three other half-bloods named Tom (child of Hermes), Annie and Mortimer (siblings, sired by Hephaestus).

During the middle of the nights, five Cyclopes infiltrated, killed Tom and Mortimer by forcefully ripping out their limbs. It is revealed that Gary was an agent for the monsters, a Hecate demigod who could manipulate the Mist. He helped the Cyclopes capture monsters. During the seizing of the demigods, he grows abusive towards the monsters, which led them to rebel and rip out his head. Rick grabs his knife which the monsters forgot to take and broke free, killing one with a stab to the head, before freeing his sister and Annie. They flee out of the window.

On the street, Annie hijacked a car and used Gary's map to flee for Camp Half-Blood. As they were close to the border, the Cyclopes, who have caught up, suddenly flipped the car, throwing the twins outside, while Annie was stuck and killed when the car fell down a cliff. Alone against the monsters, Rick ran at them, but was merely knocked unconscious with a big bruise on his head. The monsters prepare to kill Reyna, when several patrolling demigods appear and kill the Cyclopes with bows.

The two were taken in to the Athena Cabin. Rick disliked all of his half-siblings, though he protects them whenever it is necessary. They stay over winters for the next four years, as they were now homeless and orphaned.

RP Example*: Nah, been here too long.

- Reyna's form will be published soon
- FC is Chris Pine
- This is a reboot, so all of my previous characters are scrapped
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