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 Kirā Ōkami - Thanatos

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PostSubject: Kirā Ōkami - Thanatos   Kirā Ōkami - Thanatos Icon_minitime6/20/2017, 8:29 am

Name: Kirā Ōkami

Age: 14.

Gender: Female.

Eyes: Black, with specs of red.

Hair: Ginger

Height: 5'7.

Body Type: Mesomorph.

Skin Color: White, slightly tanned.

God Parent: Thanatos.

Mortal Parent: Estrella Ōkami.

Country of Origin: Spain.

Pets: 2 ferrets: A black self jill, named 'Muerta,' and an albino jill named 'Vida.'

Talents: Archery, gymnastics.

Weapon: A Stygian iron puzzle cube that turns into a bow, a dagger, or a sword, depending on which way you twist it.

Personality: Kind, to those who are kind to her; fun, but not reckless; has a dark sense of humor; stubborn, and knows it; loyal, and will do anything for her friends.

Flaws: Gets confused easily, she's blind, there's a lot going on inside her head.

Abilities: Enhanced senses and echolocation.

Powers: Shadows, can (sort of) control the dead, shadow travel, life/death sense.

Life Before Camp: She can't remember, as her memories were wiped in the Lethe.

RP Example: She walked over to the stables, where she saw John Doe. "Hey John," she said, waving.

Any notes about your characters: She's bisexual, and speaks Spanish as well as English.
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PostSubject: Re: Kirā Ōkami - Thanatos   Kirā Ōkami - Thanatos Icon_minitime6/23/2017, 2:04 pm

-Please elaborate moe on enhanced senses (which ones, how enhanced, ect.).
-Im going to have to say no to echolocation unless you can give me a few links in which that is one of Thanato's abilities in general.

-I and going to need a LOT more detail in this section before i approve any of the powers. I suggest looking at other Thanatos demigod forms to find a medium for your characters powers.

Life before Camp
-Even if she doesn't recall her life before hand you still need to write out her life so if she does start remembering anything at all then we have a reference to go back to as well as fulfilling the criteria for the form.

RP Example
-Must be at least five sentences please.
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Kirā Ōkami - Thanatos
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