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 New character Name Darkus Mason

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PostSubject: New character Name Darkus Mason   6/24/2017, 12:18 am

Eye color:purple
Parent: Is Artemis allowed if not then Child of Hecate
Mortal parent John Mason who is a magician of Horus
5'2 with no muscles. Tan skinned
Abilities control of mist, enhanced speed and strength, very weak written and word magic, automatic okay understanding of weapons but best with swords, weak elemental magic, turn weapons into dragons, hawk avatar

Life before camp: He spent his life living in the mortal world for ten years then went to train with the house of life for 5 before his dad died and he made his way to camp half blood he had to kill hellhounds and possessed magicians to get their and when he arrived he was covered in blood
Likes: Dragons, video games, reading, winning
Dislikes: heading help, losing, being bored,bullies, being told what to do
Personality : Split personality disorder with one being energetic happy but serious in a fight and the other being energetic extremely sarcastic competitive and spiteful
Fatal flaw: Personality 1 trying to do everything himself and being e tremely protective of everyone personality 2 running into fights for the hell of it and believing ( incorrectly) that he is invincible

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PostSubject: Re: New character Name Darkus Mason   6/24/2017, 1:07 pm

Please fill out the full demigod form in the link below, and for future reference Hera and Artemis are not allowed god parents.

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New character Name Darkus Mason
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