New Chariot In Need of Partner (OPEN)

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New Chariot In Need of Partner (OPEN)

Post by BriseisBailey5780 on 7/5/2017, 7:41 pm

Rebel whipped a line of sweat from the side of her pointed face. Her brown hair was tied back in a pony tail and her sweatband did little to actually stop the sweat. She was staring at the pile of junk in front of her with a tired look on her face. For the whole day she has been trying to make a chariot capable or riding in races, but she has been having no luck. She is no Hephaestus kid and certainly no mechanic. She had more experience with breaking into bank vaults than she did chariots, but she wanted to win the chariot races, not only for her cabin, but for bragging rights with her siblings.
The sad part was Rebel had no partner yet. All her siblings would rather watch, didn't like her (which was a low number), or already had teammates. Rebel wasn't really friends with any other campers besides her siblings, only a few acquaintances here and there. With grease streaked across her light skin and her Camp Half-Blood shirt dirty with grim, she was about to just give up and call it a day.
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