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 Dae Seon revamp (WIP)

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PostSubject: Dae Seon revamp (WIP)   Dae Seon revamp (WIP) Icon_minitime7/9/2017, 9:52 am

Name: 환 다영 (Romanization: Hwan Da Yeong.) However she goes by 대성 (Dae Seon/Daesun/Daeseung)

Nickname: Sundae.

Age: 17

Gender: assigned female at birth

Eyes: brown

Hair: Dark brown/black

Height: 1m70

Body Type: tall, really fit (She lifts weights)

Ethnicity: Asian

God Parent: Deimos, God of terror

Mortal Parent: Hwan Yun Soo. She was really good at Hapkido in her youth (became a junior coach at 16). She had a martial arts career ahead of her but decided to follow her passion for acrobatics instead.

Country of Origin: South Korea 

Pets: a cat named Timore (Tim for short). Technically it belongs to her mothers flatmate

Talents: extreme flexibility, hip hop, weightlifting, spittin' rhymes 

Weapon**: Twin Laconian daggers and crossbow, all blades celestial bronze. Disguised as an amulet on her necklace.

- Mostly laid-back and chill
- Believe it or not she actually has a good strategic mind
- Independent and decisive
- Confident af
- Hard-working
- Combative.

- Arrogant, takes her confidence too far
- Judgmental
- Hates rules and structured, organized environments
- Too straightforward

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Daeseon can resist powers related to fear. She rarely gets scared too.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
DaeSeon can manipulate terror. She can induce it, control it, amp it up or reduce it in someone. Deimos focuses on crowds 

Life Before Camp*:
- Dae Seon lived a few years in Busan before moving to Vegas with her mother.
- She had a normal life for a demigod. Labelled early on as a problem child, she went to school in the ghetto areas of Las Vegas where she got herself a reputation after kicking a guy so hard the lockers behind him dented in and had to be repaired.
- Her mother works as a contortionist in plenty of the Las Vegas shows, even got a contract with Cirque du Soleil once. But, since it's not the most well-paid of jobs, Dae Seon grew up with lots of financial limits. 
- As soon as she could talk and walk, Dae Seon wanted to become a K-pop idol. Her mother's presence on stage had given her a taste for show business, so she started hip hop classes very early and sang at school.
- Every morning and evening, she would do bodyweight and stretching routines with her mother and their flatmate. This is where she got her flexibility and balance from. 
- Her mother also taught her basic HKD during those routines, since they couldn't afford actual lessons on top of dancing. With her mother, Dae Seon gradually learned patterns, kicks, and breaking techniques. (She has currently the level of a 1st dan black belt).
- At school, she was part of the jocks. She never had problems socially: she had lots of spicy comebacks and was generally well-liked/ respected as one of the "cool" people because she was good at sports and confident. 
- She had 3 close friends, all girls, with whom she did hip hop with. They trained a lot during lunch breaks and small crowds always gathered to watch their choreos.
- When she was 12, she auditioned for SM but failed, as a monster was amidst the other auditioning kids. She escaped only by luck.
- This made her really bitter and she started being violent, vandalizing teachers' cars, breaking shop windows at night, etc.
- She was sent to teen boot camps over the holidays by her mother to try and get some sense into her head.
- It calmed her down a little but she stayed a "problem child".
- She was found by a satyr and brought to camp the following year. She wasn't claimed by Deimos, so she just spent the first two summers in the Hermes cabin. 
- At camp, she discovered she was quite good at dual wielding and aiming, hence her choice of weapons. 
- As the Titan War unfolded, she found herself liking more and more Kronos' ideas. Angry at her godly parent for ignoring her, and angry at her mother for rejecting her after finding out she's lesbian, it was easy to get her to join the side of the Titans.
- Dae Seon lived on the Princess Andromeda with other demigods, getting ready for the big fight. As a war demigod, she has a special aptitude for combat and helped training the new recruits. 
- She also learned a lot from training with different monsters, and her style is somewhat inspired from them. By being around them so much, she is also good at knowing what they're afraid of.
- On the battlefield, another thing she dreaded happened: she met Lindsey. That's where she realized she loved her.
- After the battle of Manhattan, Deimos found her and they talked briefly (I used a gp visit on that a bit ago). 
- She had nowhere left to go except camp, since the Titans' demigods had been granted a general pardon by the Olympians.
- She and Jongsoo Kang are auditioning together for entertainment businesses in Korea. 

Any notes about your characters:
- She's good at Italian cause her mother's flatmate -- also a performer -- is Italian. That's also why their cat has an Italian name.
- Her FC is Kang Seulgi, but I've based some of her appearance and dancing off Mina Myoung and her Jane Kim from 1M Dance Studio.


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Dae Seon revamp (WIP) Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o2_540
Dae Seon revamp (WIP) Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o4_540

for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
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Dae Seon revamp (WIP)
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