Dana Le Cor

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Dana Le Cor

Post by Morgan Landry on 7/21/2017, 2:38 pm

Name: Dana Le Cor

Physical age: 17

Year of birth: 1324 AD

Gender: Assigned female at birth

Eyes: Mellow brown, like dark whiskey

Hair: Chocolate

Height: 1m68

Body Type: Lean hourglass

Skin Color: Very tan (Caucasian)

God parent: Tyr, god of war and sky

Mortal parent: Maelenn Le Cor

Country of Origin: Bretagne, France

Talents: Making pancakes, single combat, rune magic (each rune lasts up to 2 posts; 4 posts cool down)

Weapon**: Two axes and a sword. Her weapons are engraved with Teiwaz, Tyr's rune.

Personality: Dana is a studious little creature. You can generally find her in libraries, lapping up knowledge on anything that strikes her fancy.
She often escapes Valhalla in her free time to stroll through Boston's museums and bookshops.
She's quite masculine as a person and always wears sturdy clothing. Dana can be loud, brash, foolhardy, but she also has a thing for justice and doing what's right. It's what got her into Valhalla in the first place. She can't imagine herself as a simple bystander.
She's quite introverted as well and often needs time by herself after being around a lot of people. She can be quite rude about wanting to be alone.

Flaws: self-righteous, pushes others away, rude

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Dana is excellent at single combat and coming up with strategies on the spot.
She can breathe normally and retain her usual body temperature anywhere in the sky.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Dana can fly for 3 posts, 6 posts cool down.

Life Before Valhalla* (include cause of death): Dana lived in Middle Age and was a simple towngirl. Her life consisted of helping out her mother, selling goods on the market and cooking for her family. Her mother was a very violent but very just person. She was known in town for breaking up arguments wisely and not hesitating to step into fights to separate people before it escalated too much. However things start spicing up in the country. On the one hand, France and England are engaged in a bloody war, and on the other one, two people from the nobility are battling for the crown of Bretagne. France and England (who both want to control that particular piece of land because strategy) each support one of the two aspiring rulers, and the war rages on.
As is to be expected, there was a lot of pillaging. And it was on a fine day of pillaging that Dana died. Instead of running to safety, she hurried to the rescue of a girl who was about to be attacked by a group of soldiers. She had grabbed two burning logs before leaving her hut and raced to defend the girl. She surprised herself - and the attackers - by her reflexes and actually managed to kill one of them. But the other two stabbed her in the neck and stomach. Her soul was then taken to Valhalla by a Valkyrie and she's been living there ever since.

Any notes about your characters: Gray-ace

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Re: Dana Le Cor

Post by Green on 7/23/2017, 1:30 pm

Your forms are always clean. Approved!!
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