Theo, Path of Serqet (ready for approval)

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Theo, Path of Serqet (ready for approval)

Post by Morgan Landry on 7/23/2017, 7:01 am

Name: Theo Dambroise. (Birth name: Theodorine)

Age: 17

Gender: bigender, assigned female at birth. (Pronouns: heshe and hir)

Eyes: brown

Hair: strawberry blonde, worn in dishevelled curls.

Height: 1m68

Body Type: Hourglass, but skinny fat.

Skin Color: Tan (Caucasian)

Mortal Parents: Matthew Dambroise, Gaëlle Dambroise.

Pharaoh ancestor: Hatshepsut.

Country of Origin: France (Versailles)

Pets: None that belong to hir only. (Hir family owns several horses, 2 egyptian cats and 3 crocodiles)

Talents: Skiing, drawing, guzzling historical/mythological facts, Jujitsu, a bit of gymnastics, and fangirling about K-pop.

Weapon: magician's tool box, shabti, wooden staff (chiselled with hieroglyphs. It is topped with a small carving of a scorpion)

Personality: Theo's a big introvert. When you first meet hir, you probably won't get much talking. Instead of talking, Theo prefers the comforting feeling of books and marker pens. However, once you make it past that barrier and become hir friend, heshe instantly becomes spunky and outgoing.
Theo loves to dance and to learn. Heshe is passionate about Ancient Egypt and doesn't mind going twelve times a year to the Louvre (or any museum with pre-BC stuff). Heshe is a very curious individual and stops at nothing to get information, no learning resource is off-limits in hir opinion. Traveling, mythology and adventure sports are her main passions.

Flaws: arrogant, self-righteous, tends to be in hir head too much.

Divine Path: Serqet. (Goddess of scorpions, magic, and medicine.)

Powers (have to relate to Divine Path):

- Animal charming: Theo is a scorpion charmer. Heshe can summon an average swarm of scorpions and control them for up to 5 posts, with 2x posts cool down (so 1 post, 2 cool down, 2 posts, 4 cool down, etc).

- Elemental magic: Theo is learning how to use the five Egyptian elements (air, water, fire, earth, cheese). With water heshe's able to control maximum 6 gallons of water for 2 posts, 4 cool down. Fire, heshe can shoot tennisball sized fireballs for 2 posts, 4 cool down. Heshe can summon small air blasts (enough to knock someone off their feet but not sending them flying or anything), 1 post, 3 cool down. Heshe can summon a control a volume of 3mx3mx3m of Earth (meaning heshe could open a chasm of 3 meters or lift a rock wall of 3 meters, or manipulate small boulders as long as the total volume doesn't exceed the limit). 2 posts, 4 cool down.
Each magician has an affinity with an element. Since Theo is French, heshe's a cheese elementalist. Heshe can summon/control a volume of cheese of 4mx4mx4m for 2 posts, 4 cool down.

- Medicine: Serqet is the protector against venom and snakebites (or just fluids that paralyze), so anything relating to those poisons is Theo's domain. Heshe can either heal it (3 posts cool down) or inflict it (3 posts cool down). The effects of the latter can be countered by a strong healing potion.

- Combat magic: Heshe can encase hirself in a glowing combat avatar of a woman with a scorpion on her head and hold it for up to 4 posts, 6 posts cool down..

- Magic:  Apart from the words heshe uses for the above powers, Theo knows 2 other divine words: "Ha-di" (destroy) and "Hi-nehm" (put together). Each spell neads 3 posts to recharge.

Life Before Brooklyn House*: Theo was brought up by magician parents in the 14th Nome. Very early heshe was taught the ways of the House of Life, how to use hir tools, how to make shabti, how to scry, etc. Heshe went to Heliopolis at age 10 to become a trainee, and was then assigned back to the 14th Nome at age 13. However, after the events of the Kane siblings, heshe found the amulet in one of hir lockers and decided to leave hir house and go train with them. (Heshe had several reasons for that but the main ones being hir parents not accepting hir gender identity and bisexuality.) Theo has been staying at Brooklyn House for a year now.

RP Example*:

Any notes about your characters:

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Re: Theo, Path of Serqet (ready for approval)

Post by Green on 7/26/2017, 12:01 pm

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