Gwladys, Valkyrie daughter of Freya

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Gwladys, Valkyrie daughter of Freya

Post by Morgan Landry on 7/23/2017, 12:40 pm

Name: Gwladys Violet Argall

Physical age: 18

Year of birth: 1894

Gender: cis female

Eyes: deep forest green

Hair: dark brown

Height: 1m67

Body Type: fit pear shape

Skin Color: white (Caucasian)

God Parent: Freya

Mortal Parent: Gareth Argall, a coal mine owner.

Country of Origin: UK (Wales)

Pets: none

Talents: fighting with axes, fashion,

Weapon**: 2 battle axes engraved with glowing runes.

Personality: Gwladys has always been very fashionable and girly. She loves jewels, accessories, pretty dresses and often goes on shopping trips to Midgard, Alfheim and Nidavellir. Her nickname Lady was given to her because, while she looks like a lady, she acts like everything but one. Gwladys cusses like a sailor. She drinks and belches. She has a never ending supply of dirty jokes and a knack for twisting someone's words into something obscene. A real princess.

Flaws: being absolutely disgusting, greedy, obscene

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): she's naturally good at combat.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Gwladys can manipulate gold and turn things into gold. The object can't be larger than a couch. She can hold her power for 2 posts and needs 4 posts cool down. The object stays gold unless she decides to revert it back. This power does not work on living creatures. Also, if she concentrates really hard, she can cry tears of red gold for one post, 3 posts cool down.

Life Before Valhalla*: Gwladys was raised in a wealthy Welsh family. She had a pretty mansion, servants, jewels, all in all a glamorous life. However her father was caught in the middle of the coal mining riots of 1910/1911. They were in a carriage visiting one of the miner villages when they got attacked. Gwladys was the bravest of her family and tried to save them, ripping a shovel out of a miner's hand and bashing heads in. (That's when she found out about her fighting abilities.) She was eventually overcome, hit in the leg by a pickaxe, then in the head.
First she ended up in Folkvanger, because she's the daughter of Freya. After a few months there, she decided to become a Valkyrie and left for Hotel Valhalla. She's staff there now.

Any notes about your characters:
Gwladys looks like a doll. She's got deep green eyes that take up half her face, a splash of freckles and soft little lips. Her long brown curls are always worn in the latest styles and she loves showing skin.

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Re: Gwladys, Valkyrie daughter of Freya

Post by Green on 7/28/2017, 3:10 pm

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