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PostSubject: Fern   Fern Icon_minitime7/30/2017, 12:03 pm

Name: Fern Hunter
Age: 13
Parent: Unknown
Hobbies: Reading and Singing (sorry, totally cliche )
Personality: Quiet, but throws in a sarcastic comment every now and then
Skills: ( No, nothing related to plants despite the name) Sword fighting and a fast runner
Gender: female
Eyes: brownish gray (glasses)
Hair: brown, but currently bleached ( brown is growing back in )
Height: 5ft
Body Type: short
Skin Color: Pale-ish, but not too pale
Country of Origin:
Flaws: Sarcastic, secretive, only good with a sword
Also I'm new here and completely confused, pls help!  Embarassed

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