Everybody Knows There's A Party At The End Of The World

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Everybody Knows There's A Party At The End Of The World

Post by HaleyTheRandom on 8/8/2017, 2:57 am

Haley was currently walking the long road towards New Rome. The Greek demi-god had a hankering for coffee, and the little bistro had some of the best that she had tasted in a while. So, while learning the ways of the Romans, why not treat herself? It was warm out today, thought that didn't stop the girls hair from falling across her shoulders and wearing an ensemble of black jeans and black MCR t-shirt to match. Her Nike sack was slung over her right shoulder as she walked, deliberately staring at the ground. At least she was until she bumped into another person.

"Oh gods! I'm so, so sorry!" She seemed to have a really bad habit of doing this hear lately. Olympus help the poor person that she had collided with.
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