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 Celestia-Daughter of Apollo-Hunter of Artemis

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PostSubject: Celestia-Daughter of Apollo-Hunter of Artemis   Celestia-Daughter of Apollo-Hunter of Artemis Icon_minitime8/10/2017, 3:07 am

Name: Celestia Katherine Kai
Mortal Parent: Stella Kai
God Parent: Apollo
Date of Birth: 9 March 2006
Place of Birth: Texas
Hometown: Houston but lived in Singapore for a few years
Race/Ethnicity: American-born Chinese
Accent: dunno about this but an American accent and she speaks a bit of Singlish
Skin Tone: at first, she was very fair with freckles but after hanging around in the sun a little, she became slightly tan but as the typical Chinese 'yellow' colored skin.
Eye Color: kaleidoscopic but usually golden to dark amber. Dark amber is her natural eye color but being a child of Apollo, it sometimes turns golden. it can be kaleidoscopic when she is experiencing extreme emotions as she is a very emotional person.
Hair Color: wavy black streaked with very dark chocolate brown. Sometimes, her hair looks dark silver in certain types of light.
Hair Length: when braided, it goes halfway down her back
Height: 1.34m
Weight: 23.5kg
Body Type: skinny, lithe, agile. she is very graceful when she runs and extremely flexible as she has been doing gymnastics since she was 2. she is surprisingly strong. as a pianist, she has long and thin fingers.
Appearance: Many people say that she is very skinny but she feels otherwise. If you happen to catch her in a good mood, you might see her eyes shining, in her 'kaleidoscopic mood'. If you catch her in s bad mood, her eyes may be dark, cloudy amber, almost black. (If this sounds unreal, her appearance is based mostly on myself)
Weapon: celestial bronze dagger that shrinks into a silver watch. bow and quiver that shrinks into a moonstone bracelet
Armor: no matter what everyone says, she despises wearing armor, you rarely catch her in it. When she does, it's coated in gold and burns to the touch.
Pet(s): 3 silvery wolves
Skills/Talents: very musically talented as well as very good gymnast. she has a way with animals and they trust her very much. she is fast and a very quick learner. she has overactive imagination and can often foresee things that others cannot.
Flaws: she tends to be under confident and timid. she is also very shy. she is also very destructive when nervous. she has a scar on her forehead and refuses to tell anyone why she has it.
Strengths: positive, charismatic, energetic, creative, kind, compassionate, loyal
Weaknesses: soft-hearted, bad at controlling serious emotions
Likes: animals, reading, writing, drawing, nature, music, debating, gymnastics, archery,
Dislikes: unloyal friends, proud and mean people, bullies, wearing dresses,
Fears: People knowing her flaws, being bad at things others can do
Personality: Celestia is a kind-hearted girl who always tries her best to excel in everything she does. She is also quite impulsive, fun, cheerful, shy, emotional, confident around those whom she knows well, troublemaker at times, resourceful, brave at times, a little short tempered, not too patient, outgoing amongst friends, quite kind, reserved, soft-spoken, mysterious, dark. She is very charismatic when she wants to be and can often wiggle her way out of things. Despite this, she is not spoilt at all.
Abilities: standard abilities of a Hunter. She can also control and summon small amounts of fire though she will usually pass out. Despite being a daughter of Apollo, she inherited some of Artemis's powers in the sense that she can easily navigate during both the night and the day. She is strongest around high noon and being in sunlight heals her mildly.
Powers: she can summon and control small balls of fire occasionally but will usually pass out immediately after. She can also manipulate the most with a lot of effort.
Years as Hunter: 2
Life Before the Hunters: Before being a Hunter, Celestia was a camper for 2 years. Before she reached camp, she often spent time camping with her sisters and mother and basically leading a pretty normal life. She ran away from home when she was 5 with her siblings. She has a strong scent and attracted many monsters. She only reached camp because her older siblings, also halfbloods, looked out for her. Her mother had affairs with Hermes and Dionysus, resulting on many monsters being drawn to her home.
Roleplaying Example:
"C'mon! We're almost there!" He promised. Celestia glanced at the satyr suspiciously but continued running. "Celestia! Wait up!" Her older brother, Kristopher, yelled out to her as he limped. Celestia paused and turned around. She could see the hellhound gaining on them. "Run." She instructed her brother. He hobbled a little faster. Meanwhile, Celestia stood her ground as her dagger jumped into her hand. "Don't hurt me and I won't hurt you." She told it. "What are you doing??" Shannon yelled at her. The hound seemed to hesitate for a moment before lunging at her. Celestia screamed, shocked, and ran. The sunlight bounced off her back as she ran, faster and faster.
"You are safe now," Kristopher told her. "Where am I? Scary big dog!" Celestia muttered. "Yeah, it was hard on her..." Kristopher muttered to Shannon. "You passed out for a couple of hours..." he informed Celestia who promptly passed out again.
Notes: so far, no notes.
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Celestia-Daughter of Apollo-Hunter of Artemis
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