Once This Baby Hits 88 MPH

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Once This Baby Hits 88 MPH

Post by Rick Sanchez on 8/13/2017, 4:59 pm

Rick had no idea how he got there. One night, after quarreling with Reyna, he took the DeLorean replica and drove away. Drove as far as he could, drunk in the process. Of course, he lead lined the left car door to avoid being prosecuted for driving under influence. He stumbled out of the car at several stations to refuel whenever the DeLorean was running out of fuel, then quickly left.

He drove West continuously, gulping down all the beer he kept next to him. He passed Las Vegas, then Los Angeles, and eventually San Francisco. It had been days, but he made it across the country in one piece, on one quick road trip. He parked the vehicle behind a restaurant, and fell asleep.

He would wake up hours later, no longer intoxicated. His GPS told him where he was, which nearly freaked him out. He'd driven from New York to San Francisco because he was drunk. Oh, well. The demigod put the DeLorean in reverse without looking in the rearview mirror, ending up hitting someone.
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