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Name: He has forgotten his name over the centuries, but nowadays refers to himself as Runic
Age: roughly 2500 (Has the appearance of a 15 year old)
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green, though they turn black as night (whites and irises) and glow when he uses his powers. If you look closely you can see small stars, like the night sky.
Hair: Brown
Height: 1.73 m
Body Type: Lean and strong
Skin Colour: Light Brown
God Parent: Hecate
Mortal Parent: He has forgotten her name
Country of Origin: Greece
Pets: N/A
Talents: He is a skilled swordsman and excels at magic
Weapon**: A long Stygian Iron blade, custom made for him so it is perfectly weighted. It has several runes near the hilt that he has etched in. On it are runes for fire, sharpness and unbreaking.
Personality: While he has the appearance of a 15 year old boy he has spent about 4000 years thinking about philosophy and is quite wise beyond his years. He is incredibly calm in many situations as, more often than not, he has spent several years pondering that very sort of situation. It is very hard to break his cool, but when you present him with a situation that he never thought about before he will grow very nervous and will be more of a hindrance than a help.
Flaws: When he hasn't thought of something before he will lose his outwards cool and start spouting gibberish. He tends to keep to himself most of the time, and doesn't like publicity.

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
- He can read runes of all cultures and languages
- He always knows where he is (can plot it on a map), and always knows where he has been
- He can turn things black by touching them
- He can talk with snakes, bats and dogs, and he can understand the motives of the other sacred animals of Hecate (Dogs, horse, sheep and boars). They will also not attack him.
- He can sense the location of Hecate's symbols.
- He can send his mind to and from The Crossroads at will. During the time he is there he does not age or require nutrients, however, his body is vulnerable to attacks. It is almost impossible to get him back after he goes there and requires someone to go to The Crossroads to bring him back. This automatically happens when he goes to sleep and blocks Hypnos kids sleep abilities.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
- Runes: He can take runes and charge them with power, making a variety of effects:
- Elemental Runes: Runes meaning Fire, Water, Earth and Air can be used to either imbue items with their aspects (Fire would make something hot, Water would make something temporarily liquid, etc), create small amounts of the element (at max 1 metre squared), or manipulate pre-existing amounts of the element (however not to the extent of a specialist demi-god)
- Aspect Runes: He can imbue items with adjectives like sharpness, unbreaking, protecting, etc. The more the aspect is used the more energy is drained from the rune. If you were to use the Sharpness rune to cut through a log it would use a lot less energy than cleaving through an opponent's armour.
- Item Runes: He can use runes to summon items. The items are only temporary, and disappear after the rune is deactivated. The bigger the item the more power is needed in using the rune.

- Rune Casting: Runic can create runes out of magical energies. He can then use these runes to activate a rune effect. As he also needs to supply the energy to keep the rune complete it is not his preferred method, as he usually draws/etches the rune.

- Energy Link: Runic can take energy from people who are willing and from residue in places full of energy.

Life Before Camp*:
Runic was one of the first demigods to exist, and as such was known rather well. He was famed for his knowledge of magic, which could rival even the most powerful true-mortal, even at a young age. Eventually, he grew to such power that he was even invited on adventures with other demigods. He was lucky enough that even the crew of the Argo wanted him. However, he turned them down as he preferred to stay out of the public eye. As such, he managed to stay out of the legends that are well-known nowadays. His father was one of the great mortal magicians of the time, and he caught Hecate's eye with his prowess. Together they gave birth to Runic. Hecate gifted him with knowledge of runes, and how to use them.

RP Example*:
Any notes about your characters:
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