Lucien Deaśmont

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Lucien Deaśmont

Post by Zkinner on 9/11/2017, 9:08 pm

Name: Lucien Deaśmont

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Eyes: A pleasant Metallic Blue

Hair: Lighter Brown that is very messy due to laziness and sleeping.

Height: 6'0"

Body Type: More of a skinny build, though does have some muscle especially in his arms and upper body.

Skin Color: European (Usually pale white)

God Parent: Hypnos

Mortal Parent: Diana Deaśmont

Country of Origin: Paris, France

Pets: N/A

Talents: Lucien growing up was a natural liar. Able to convince anyone with his smooth talk and expert excuses, he also became very good at reading people which further increased his ability to come up with lies.

Weapon**: A 5'10" Celestial Bronze Bo Staff.

Personality: Lucien's personality is best compared to that of a sloth. He walks around slowly, talks a little slower and sleeps. A LOT. He is quite charming and can make friends with almost anyone. He rarely is seen doing anything active and prefers not to be the centre of attention. Lucien definitely doesn't take the leader role for a fear of having a poor thought out plan.

Flaws: Falls asleep VERY easily. If woken up can lead to a bad mood. Another flaw is his knack for lying. It often gets him into trouble. And of course he is a very heavy procrastinator and is very lazy.

Abilities: Lucien is able to control what is dream is about. He is only able to do while sleeping. Lucien can also talk to people while he is asleep. Like sleep talking but it isn't mumbled gibberish. And if for some reason Lucien is up at night he has enhanced vision allowing him to see better in the dark.

Powers: Lucien first power is the ability to inflict drowsiness upon anyway within a 5 meter range from where he is. He does this by letting out a great yawn. The level of drowsiness is determined by how close they are to Lucien and how loud it was to them. I.E if there was other noise blocking out the yawn, it would have little effect. Lucien can use this power once per post and has a cool down of 4 posts.

Lucien's second ability is the power to put anyone to sleep. By either tapping someone on the head with his staff or putting his fingers over someone's eyes he will be able to completely put someone to sleep. If the person is already drowsy the duration doubles. The opponent will be knocked out for 1 post (Or 2 if drowsy) and Lucien can use this power once per thread. Using it also makes him considerably sleep deprived.

Lucien's third ability is the ability to see the last dream of someone by skin to skin contact. He can uses this once every 2 posts.

His fourth power is the ability to control others dreams by placing his hand over someone forehead. This can only be done while the target is sleeping. This power has 3 tiers.
Minor Manipulation: Able to change small details in the dream such certain names or small objects. This comes at the cost of minor exhaustion and slight drowsiness. Can use once every 3 posts.
Medium Manipulation: Able to completely erase some things from dreams such as a person or an object. Lucien will become very tired after manipulating and be quite exhausted Can use once every 5 posts.
Major Manipulation: Lucien is able to have complete control over someone's dream and change whatever he wants in it. Using major Manipulation will cause Lucien to fall asleep for 2 posts after using. Can use once per thread.

Life Before Camp*: Well Lucien life before camp was quite... Boring. Growing up Lucien always hated school. Not only did he struggle with his ADHD and Dyslexia but also his ability to make friends. He felt he had nothing in common with anyone as all he ever did was sleep. His mother was gone for months at a time due to her job as an Archeologist. She most commonly studied ancient Japan. But way before she even became an archeologist she worked at a mattress store which is how she was able to pay for college. And while working there she met the most charming man she has ever laid eyes on. Hypnos. Hypnos would come into the mattress store every day to have Diana, Lucien's Mom wake him up were they eventually fell in love. After Diana had Lucien Hypnos completely disappeared out of her life which she accepted reluctantly and moved on with her life. Anyway, whenever Diana would return from her work trips she would bring back artifacts she collected and one of them just happened to be a Bo Staff. At first Lucien was disappointed in what his mother brought and thought it was just a stupid stick. But his mother would tell him stories of what it was used for and its origins. Lucien, now interested began taking lessons at a Bojutsu Dojo at the age of 6. Unfortunately that and school was the only time he would get out of bed. He lived with his Grandmother who take care of him while his mother was gone. At school he really did not want to sound like a loser so he took up lying and created many stories and things he would do. This was his life until he was about 13. He started to have this horrible nightmares, which was really odd considering he usually decided what he dreamed about but he had no control over the bad dreams. He would see pictures of these beastly dogs and one eyed giants chanting things he couldn't hear properly. As soon as his mom got back he told her everything and she believed him. After several more nights of Lucien suffering, Diana realized that she couldn't leave again. She felt horrible as to what was happening and hated she couldn't be there to comfort him. So she decided to pack up all there belongings, say goodbye to family and move over seas to New York were she can settle down and become an author writing about all she found as an architect. Lucien was not to opposed to this idea as he never really made friends while living in France, but was disheartened at leaving his Dojo. After they finally arrived in New York and found a Duplex Lucien went to school and surprisingly made a friend very quickly. For the first 6 months of living in New York were tough as he didn't know a lot of English and still had the problem of laziness. It wasn't until spring break came around that his normal life went crashing down. He was woken up at night by several villainous knocks on his front door. Lucien went to answer the door and in the doorframe stood his friend Theo, the person that he was best friends with ever since coming to America. Before he could even say anything he was packing his belongings and being hurried out the door, promised everything would be explained. He got into a car, which he thought was strange because they weren't old enough to drive but was even more shocked when Theo started the car and began driving out town. On the way out of town is where Lucien first noticed Theo had legs of a goat. He was thrown into shock and struggled to comprehend what was happening. The car was stopped, where he was rushed into the forest by Theo. That is how Lucien was escorted into Camp Half Blood at the age of 14. On the first day he found out what cabin he belonged to. For the first year at camp he slept and trained and was commonly questioned for his weapon choice, a celestial bronze Bo staff, made custom by Hephaestus kids to be lightweight and sturdy. He also visited his Mom who told stories of his father and he learned more about his father. Lucien has officially been at the camp for 2 years and hopes to make it many more.

RP Example*: Lucien was having one of his masterly crafted, highly enjoyable dreams when he was suddenly rudely awaken by a flick to the forehead. He slowly rose up out of the bed as he rubbed his eyes and slowly let out a yawn as he peeled back the blankets of his bed. Moving like a turtle, he swung his legs off the bed, placing them on the warm, soft, comforting wood of his cabin floor. He peaked over his head, sliding his cozy black slippers on his feet. As he looked to the doorway he could see two Hermes kids which he barely recognized running away into the distance. Now as he already had his slippers on he decided it would be to much work to tuck him self back in bed so he chose today to get a little fresh air. He reached into his dresser, pulling on a knit sweater and changed into black cargo jogger pants. He kept on his slippers as he groggily made his way towards the exit of the cabin. As he pushed open the door he was instantly blinded by the dazzling light of the sun. He totally thought it was early morning when actually he had gotten up some time after noon. Lucien turned his back quickly and decided maybe another day he would go out, but not today. He slid off his slippers, laid back down in his bed and quickly fell asleep listening to the calming music playing somewhere in the cabin.

Any notes about your characters: He has a quite noticeable French accent due to growing up there. He is able to speak French Fluently as well as being able to read it. All of his English is understandable except maybe a handful of words.

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Re: Lucien Deaśmont

Post by Morgan Landry on 9/12/2017, 5:57 pm

Love this form. Nothing to change!

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