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 WIP Samantha Laurel White ~ Daughter of Athena

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~Samantha Laurel White~

WIP Samantha Laurel White ~ Daughter of Athena Tumblr_inline_mqd0boPSLv1qz4rgp

"’Cause I know I’m good for something, I just haven’t found it yet but I need it,” - Miserable At Best by Mayday Parade


Name: Samantha Laurel White.
- Sammi ~ This is the most common of her nicknames but she’ll take any common nickname derived from her name.
- Elsa - This isn’t a thing in CHB but her Australian friends call her this as she seems to scarcely get cold, if ever.
- Midget, dwarf, shortie- anything that makes fun of her diminutive height, she’s not a fan of these nicknames so much
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 21st September, 1999
Place of Birth: Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia
Hometown/Last Residence: Alexandra Heads, QLD, Australia.
Race/ethnicity: Caucasian; Half white Australian, half English. Sammi is actually rather proud of her English background. Obviously not the terror they brought but just having the ethnicity
Accent: Mid-coast Australian. Sammi doesn't possess as much of a nasally tone identified as Australian, however, her voice is identifiably Aussie. When she was younger Sammi used to have a really strong English accent, albeit only visiting there once, moving north knocked that out of her but she still seems to have a British accent when she’s particularly ticked off, trying to explain something slowly or even with certain words.


Something that can be said straight up is that Sammi has a rather large family. Of all of her siblings she is the oldest hence making her rather good at child wrangling but (either fortunately or unfortunately) tends to be the natural mother in a group of friends
[color=#00aeef]God Parent:[color=#00aeef]
Athena; Goddess of wisdom and battle
[b][color=#00aeef]Mortal Parent:[b][color=#00aeef]
Marcus Rupert Peter White
[b][color=#00aeef]Mortal Family:[b][color=#00aeef]

[b][color=#00aeef]Pets:[b] .


Skin Tone:  Somewhere between lightly and moderately tanned

Eye Color:  Dark blue

Hair Color:  Golden Blonde

Hair Length:  Slightly past elbow length

Height: 154cm (Approx. 5’0”)

Weight:  50kg (approx 110lb)

Body Type:


~Armour and Weaponry~

Weapon/s’: .

Weapon/s’ Name:

Weapon/s’ Type:

Weapon/s’ Appearance:









  • .




  •  .


~Demigod/Camp Information~



Social Status:

Years at Camp:

Life Before Camp


RP Sample
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WIP Samantha Laurel White ~ Daughter of Athena
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