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Name: Kenna Rosewood
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Eyes: icy green eyes
Hair: waist-length, think, silky hair that falls in light curls and waves, light brown hair with a hint of brunette
Height: 5'6
Body Type: Curvy in the right places, long legs, dancer-athletic build, flat stomach
Skin Color: fair with a light tan
God Parent: Hermes
Mortal Parent: Morgana Rosewood
Country of Origin: Scotland
Pets: a Northern Inuit named Shadow
Talents: dancing, pick-pocket, sports, martial arts
Weapon**: dual katana made of celestial bronze with greek inscriptions, one saying control the other saying peace. The handles are black with turquoise ribbon lacing them
Personality: can be flirty, smart, funny, outgoing, strong-willed, mischevious, focused
Flaws: stubburn, has a temper, can overthink things
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): can easily sneak around going unnoticed when focused, can pick locks
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Stealth, speed in running and reaction times
Life Before Camp*: Kenna was born in Scotland among the green hilly plains. She lived there with her mother and grandfather, who usually taught her other languages and other mythologies. Whenever they went to the market Kenna found it easy to distract someone long enough for her to take some fruit here and there. When Kenna was fourteen her mother came home in a panic, just as a monster broke threw the house trying to kill her. That's when her grandfather through her katanas her way and she caught them easily moving around the dreadful beast. After an hour of fighting she finally defeated the monster receiving adeep wound in her arm. At the moment her mother was terrified so she packed everything from their home on the hills in Scotland, moving them across the waters to America where she lived for three more years incident free before the monsters reappeared. Her mother knowing what she had to do, grabbed Kennas emergency bag and the keys to her car and Kenna drove all the way to camp. She almost made it before a beast rammed into her car sending it tumbling along the ground. She won the fight, but entered camp all bruised and battered.
RP Example*:  Kenna was walking through the camp looking at awe all the cabins and people walking around, she never knew a place like this could exist. She sighed and ran up to a boy with golden hair, "Do you know where the infirmary is?" The boy nodded and lead her around the dirt path to a large open building. She smiled and nodded,"Thank you." The boy ran off and she was ushered to a cot. Her arm getting stitched up by a healer, wincing every so often at the pain of the needle. She left the building and headed towards the biggest building hoping she could find someone who knew why she was sent here.
Any notes about your characters:
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Kenna Rosewood- Hermes
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