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 Percy son of Poseidon

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PostSubject: Percy son of Poseidon   Percy son of Poseidon Icon_minitime4/21/2018, 3:17 pm

Hair:Dark Brown
Height:5 feet 5 inches
Body Type:Normal
Skin Color:Tan
God Parent:Poseidon
Mortal Parent:Joclen
Country of Origin:America
Personality:kind Loyal Helpful
Flaws:Too loyal
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):Charmspeak
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):Water
Life Before Camp*:Troublemaker
RP Example*:Percy Jackson
Any notes about your characters:
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PostSubject: Re: Percy son of Poseidon   Percy son of Poseidon Icon_minitime4/26/2018, 4:31 am

Hi there!

- I'm sorry, you have to change the name and god parent of your character. If you want to RP Percy, you need to apply for it and usually we give that role to people who've been on the site for at least six months.
- Charmspeak is not allowed. It's also not related to Poseidon.
- When writing the name, please put in the last name as well.
- Please include the metal his weapon is made of! (Greek bronze for Greek demigods, imperial gold for Roman.s Only Underworld demigods are allowed Stygian iron)
- You need 3 talents and 3 flaws. "Too loyal" is only a flaw if you're loyal to bad things eg toxic ideologies, abusive people, etc
- Please develop his personality :) What's your character like? What do they enjoy doing? Do they have many friends, or are they more of a loner?
- You need 6 sentences for the Life Before Camp. What was his life like? How did he learn he was a demigod?
- The RP example is essentially you showing us how you RP. Just type a post - if you need inspiration, just look at posts other people did in the roleplay sections ^_^

Rest looks good :)


Click on the gifs

Percy son of Poseidon Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o2_540
Percy son of Poseidon Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o4_540

for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)
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Percy son of Poseidon
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