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 The Pantheon (private)

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PostSubject: The Pantheon (private)   5/9/2018, 6:43 pm

Tiberia strode through the plaza with a coffee in hand and a notebook in the other. She finally had some time to catch up on her drawings now that she was on permission for the week end - thank the gods. (Don't get her wrong, she loves being in the legion, but chaperoning probationes can get tiring after a while.)
Settling down on the edge of a sparkling marble fountain, she pulled out her pencils and squinted in the sun. The Pantheon in New Rome had the same structure than the one in the Old Rome, with dome, acanthus leaves and skylight, but it was bigger and more imposing than the first one. Architecture had made quicker progress among demigods, and the temple rising in front of her, massive yet intricate, was unlike anything she'd ever seen in the mortal world. (To be fair the biggest thing she knew was the Golden Gate bridge, and she had seen skyscrapers like, once in a textbook.)
Her pencils stroked the paper quickly, mapping out the general lines of the structure. Her eyes flicked up and down, catching the different features, shadows, patterns... She was so deep into her drawing that she barely noticed an old school friend strolling past.


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The Pantheon (private)
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