Valerie’s bunk

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Valerie’s bunk

Post by Nightfleet on 5/15/2018, 4:08 am

Valerie walked in and threw Harbinger onto her new bunk. She unslung her backpack. It was her first day at Camp Half Blood, yet she knew it was coming. She had found the note her mother had written with instructions to Camp a half Blood months ago.Smoothing it out now, it seemed like a lifetime ago, even if it was just two years. 親愛的王奕凝,我真的希望這一天不會來。但願天神保佑你吧,我的女兒。你是一個混血兒,你的爸爸是希臘的死亡之神桑納托斯。我不能在這裏説起太多了,但是你在看這信時,而我不能保護你的話,就裏在好好聽着。怎麼方法也好,你要去到紐約的長島,在那裏有一個地方叫做混血營,我相信你會找到的。那裏會有別他混血兒。只要記得,我永遠都愛你。 王樂𣈥上
She sighed. The framed letter now stood on her bedside table. Dwelling on the past doesn’t help, she chided. Almost everyone else in camp had been paired up. She didn’t mind being alone, in fat, she liked it. But it was a bit depressing when she had to sit out team events. She flopped onto her bed and soon fell asleep, Onyx purring on the end of the bed.


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