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PostSubject: First character   First character Icon_minitime5/28/2018, 7:58 am

Name: Soren Alexander
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Short, Spiky, Black
Height: 6"0
Body Type: Slim-Buff
Skin Color: Suntan White
God Parent: Zeus
Mortal Parent: Samantha Alexander
Country of Origin: America
Pets: Snow Owl (named Newt)
Talents: Athletic, Able to read,and decipher old text in other langues not known to him.
Weapon**: Fist, Short sword, knowledge of magic.
Personality: Brave, Hardy, Courageous.
Flaws: Having the ones close to him hurt, A wee bit of anxiety.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Super strong, Able to call forth the wind and use it to float.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Able to call forth lighting and able to use it.
Life Before Camp*: Lived in Atlanta Georgia with his mother, step father,two brothers, and two sisters in a three bedroom apartment.
RP Example*:
Any notes about your characters: Soren has always felt he was meant for something bigger,but he could never figure out what that was. Until strange things began to happen to him. Every time he wasn't in the best of moods the weather would become as bad as he felt. He began to have strange dreams that would continue for weeks. Finally what took the cake was while he was on his way back from school one afternoon he heard noises coming from every direction. They sounded like whispers to him but he couldn't quiet make them out. His heart was racing from fear of what it was,so he started to run without focusing on where he was heading he ended up in an alley way. He was then confronted by shadows. Scared and having no clue what to do he flailed and kicked everywhere. Before the darkness surrounded him he heard a mans voice say "Speak with your mother, seek the camp". Having woke from the terrible dream he waits till morning and speaks to his mother about the things that have been happening to him. She explains she feared this day would come, and proceeded to tell him about who and what he was. She tells him the camp he seeks is called Camp Half Blood. A place where kids and teens like him go to learn more about who they are and grow into their demigod abilities. After gathering himself he packs and hugs his family telling them he'll miss them kisses his mother and says goodbye for now. As he sets off for Camp he wonders what it will be like? Will he make friends or will everyone reject him? most of all will his family be safe ? Only time will tell.
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Hey man, just a heads up, you have to buy a B3 kid, so you might wanna change your god parent for a faster approval!

Mystery Box Prizes: 5 God parent gift and 3 Monster attacks, 3 God parent visit, 2 Extra weapon, Cost of a HTML layout, 2 free name change

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First character
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