"Mirror mirror, on the wall; Will there be glory if I fall?"

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"Mirror mirror, on the wall; Will there be glory if I fall?"

Post by HaleyTheRandom on 6/5/2018, 3:11 pm

》𝑯𝒂𝒍𝒆𝒚 𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒆 𝑨𝒔𝒉𝒆𝒓 《

"Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Name: Haley Marie Asher

Nickname(s): Hales, May, Lee, Ley-Ley, Ash, Ari, and many more. She honestly doesn't care what you call her, just so long as you don't mean it to be offensive.

Gender: Cis female. She/Her pronouns.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.


Mortal Parent(s): -James Asher. Though the two can argue sometimes, Haley admits that she loves her father. At the end of the day, she knows that he has her best interest at heart.

-Sarah Asher: Though Haley has always knew that Sarah wasn't her real mother, that never stopped her from treating Sarah like she was. The two have been wrapped around each others fingers since the first time they met when Haley was just four months old.

Siblings: Nicholas and Joshua Asher. Both of them drive her absolutely crazy, and they argue pretty much constantly. But one thing is for certain: Mess with these two boys, and you will find yourself dealing with a very angry Haley. Nicholas is 13, and Joshua is 14.

God Parent: Hecate. Goddess of Necromancy, Magic, Crossroads and the Mist.

Date Of Birth: May 10th. Age 18.

Astrological Sign: Taurus.

Place of Birth: The Underworld.

Hometown/Last Residence: A small town known as Lake Lure, North Carolina, USA. There's nothing much here, except for a few tourist destinations.

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian. Haley has Cherokee Indian, Irish, English, and many more things in her background.

Accent: Southern American. The young woman tends to draw out the a sound in he words, as well as forgetting to add the g sound at the end or words. She tends to say things like 'over yonder' and other such things. Her accent is considered to be very mild, compared to most, though it comes out way more when she is emotional. (Ex. Very angry or very sad.)

Skin Tone: "Tan enough not be Casper, light enough to be considered pale." A light tan color.

Eye Color: Hazel, with light golden specks.

Hair Color: Milk cholate brown.

Hair Length: Just a little longer than the mid back mark.

Height: 5 foot, four inches. (1.64 meters.)

Weight: 132 pounds. (59.8 kilograms.)

Body Type: "Potato." Sort of a more 'pudgy' hourglass shape.

Appearance: Haley stands at five feet, four inches tall, being considered an average height, though she seems to be shorter than most of the other campers her age. Looking upon her face, the first thing that you will notice about her is her eyes - easily her most dominant feature. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are a dark hazel color with golden specks in them. They can either seem warm and inviting like a cup of warm coffee, or hard as stone. Her nose is slightly pudgy and seems a bit big for her face. Her lips are considered to be thin, though the bottom one is slightly fuller than the upper. A light splash of freckles cover her face, mainly under her eyes and across her nose, and can be found on her arms as well. Her lashes are long, and her eyebrows are thick, though not considered bushy.

Haley's body shape is considered to be a pudgy hour glass. Years of training have lead to there being a undertone of muscle on her arms and legs. Her hair falls just below her mid back in natural, messy waves. Her skin is considered to be light tan in color. Her smile is said to light up whatever room that she is in, though it is rarely seen. When she does smile, there is a dimple on the upper right side of her chin.

There are a few identifiable marks on the young womans body. One being a inch long scar under her knuckle, slightly on the left side of her index finger on her right hand. She also have a scar in the shape of a near perfect triangle on the inside of her right ankle where she fell off a bike and her foot got wrapped in the chain when she was ten.

Personal Style: For her clothing choice, Haley can typically be found wearing a band t-shirt of some kind, and skinny jeans. A extra hair band as well as her rubber US Army bracelet can be found on her right wrist at all times. She prefers dark colors, and will never be found wearing something pink. Though she despises them, Haley will wear a dress on very special occasions. Her hair is found either worn down or in a ponytail. A leather cord necklace with a dragon pendant wrapped around a crystal can be found around her neck at all times. Her drawstring bag, a gift from her mother, Hecate, is typically found hanging from one shoulder. For footwear, she typically wears combat boots or converse. She doesn't particularly care for make-up, though she will wear mascara.

Weapon: -A Stygian Iron sword.
-Two celestial bronze throwing knives.

Armor: Standard camp armor made of celestial bronze.

Pet(s): N/A

Skills/Talents: -Writing, she considers herself to be decent-ish at it. The young woman has various pieces of scrap paper and notebooks all around her bunk filled with random things.
-Hand to hand combat
-Knife throwing
-Strategy/War planning.
-Giving advice.

-Sometimes to stubborn.
-To loyal: When it comes to her friends, Haley will do pretty much anything for them, sometimes landing herself in sticky situations.
-Super blunt.
-Language: Haley curses like a sailor.
-Trust issues: Haley has severe trust issues. This causes her to push people away and have trouble with forming  relationships of any kind.
-Over competitive

-She can climb things really well.
-Quick thinker and learner.

Weaknesses: -Dogs: No matter where she's at, who shes with, or what she's doing, if she sees a dog, you can bet ypir apple-john she is going to let it.
-Has basically no self confidence.
-She tends to hold in her feelings, causing her anger and such to build up until something pushes her over the edge, causing her to take out her frustrations out on everyone around her.

-Music: If it is possible to be addicted to music, Haley is. She is constantly listening to it on her phone or some other device. Some of the artists/bands she listens to are: Metallica, Three Days Grace, Halestorm, As It Is, Sum 41, Panic! At The Disco, Arch Enemy, Icon For Hire, Queens of the Stone Age, Halsey, Lindsey Sterling, Elton John, etc.
-Science: Haley is a biology wiz.
-Pizza: Deep dish is her favorite.
-Ethnic foods: Mexican and Chinese are her favorite.
-Thunderstorms: The louder the thunder, the heavier the rain, and the brighter the lightning, the happier Haley will be.
-Books: Haley is YA trash. She loves to read things like The Mortal Instruments or Divergent. She also likes most of Stephen Kings works.
-Animals: Dogs and horses are her favorite.
-Video games: Things like Halo, Dragon Age, The Sims, etc.
-The color Blue. She's borderline obsessed with it.

-People touching her. It's nothing personal. She even shies away from her closest friends.
-Egotystical people.
-People judging her based solely on her appearance or music taste.
-The color pink. When she was little, her closet used to be filled with nothing but the color pink. Over time, she just got tired of it.

-Disapointing people.
-Losing the people she cares about. She literally has  nightmares about this.
-Large crowds: Haley can handle herself in a large group of friends, but when she's in a large group of strangers, she tends to panic and shut down.

Personality: On the outside looking in, Haley is one of the most happy, socially awkward people that you could ever meet. Always saying something goofy, and having a way with words, the girl is the type to almost always have a smile on her face and is not quick to get angered. Having social anxiety is perhaps the reason for her social awkwardness, which causes her to say and do really random things in public. Haley is the type of girl that may come off as a bish from time to time. Some may say that the girl is violent, with her outbursts of random, crazy, violent sayings but she probably won't choke you with a marshmellow. However, that's the coverup that she puts on. The truth is, Haley suffers from depression. The girl tends to keep her emotions bottled inside and simply does her best to release them through her training.

Haley is a very loyal person, and will do practically anything for her friends. She doesn't trust or get attached to to many people, so when and if you hurt her, expect her to cut you out of her life completely. She is typically found reading or listening to music. Her hang out spots include the stables, library or woods.

The young woman hates drama, gossip, and any other thing of the sort. She can typically be seen hanging out with the guys at school, because she considers females to much drama. Of course, if you ask her how she is doing, you will receive a great and a goof thumbs up. Not being able to express herself truthfully angers her to no end, though, just like her true feelings, she doesn't let it show. In short, the girl is a half read book. To know her, you must first know the whole story.

-Ghost Whisperer: Haley can see and talk to ghosts.

•Thanks to her mother, Haley has a power known as Minor Mist Manipulation, or as she likes to call it, Triple M. This means that she can control small parts of the Mist. For example, the young woman can make herself seem 3 feet closer, or further from you. She can also manipulate articles of clothing, hair color, and the looks of one’s face. She has been working on memory manipulation caused by the Mist, but it mainly just causes you to lose your track of thoughts. Haley can control the Mist for up to 4 posts with a cool down of 8. A way that you can not be affected by the confusion of memories is if you had already began to do the action that she is  planning to thwart, you can control the mist as well, or your parent is one of the gods of memory.

•Conjuring Of The Elements: Earth, wind, water and fire bend to her will.

     ∞As for fire, Haley can create a 1 foot dimensional sphere, approximately 250 degrees F. She can create 3 of the fire-y spheres at a time, controlling them for 3 posts, with a 6 post cool down. The sphere travels at a maximum of 13 mph.

     ∞As for the wind, a ball of air would be a 2 foot sphere. The sphere travels at a maximum of 15 miles per hour. She can control the wind sphere for a total of 3 posts, a cool down of 5. She can only create one at a time.

     ∞As for water, once again, Haley can create a 2 foot sphere. She can throw them with a maximum of 12 mph. The young woman can only control 1 at a time, with a control limit of 2 posts with a cool down of 4.

                         ~~~Side note: If she does not throw any of the spheres, they last up to 2 posts.

      ∞Haley can grow vines for her earthly element. These vines can wrap her enemies around the legs, sometimes further.  Her largest plant to ever be grown was a 7 foot tall vine that was about a 4 inches wide. This happened one day when she was angry at someone  and her power got out of control. None the less the vines can only reach about 4 feet high and three inches thick. The vines take a total of 4 posts to fully wrap themselves around something, that being as long as Haley can control them. This power has a cool down of 7 posts.

¤Necromancer: Haley can summon up to two ghost warriors to fight by her side. If she summons two of them, she can control them for three posts with a cool down of seven. If she only summons one, she can control it for four posts with a cool down of six.

Social Status: Everyone knows of her, but she has like two friends.

Summer of Year Rounder?: Year rounder.

Years At Camp: Five.

Life Before Camp/Biography: Haley was left on the door step of her father's house nine months after a one night stand with Hecate. The man wasn't sure how to act to the brief note telling him to take care of the child, or hiw to explain this all to his girlfriend, Sarah. However, he didn't feel right handing her over to get tossed around in the foster care system, so he began to care for her; Sarah wasn't particularly pleased about the news, but went along with his decision. Four  after Haley arrived on their doorstep, the happy couple was married.

Haleys early childhood was normal enough. She waa made a big sister at the ages of four and five. She started elementary school at the age of give as well. At school, she found her love for books. It was clear that the little girl had an active imagination, as she loved to tell stories to her class. Her grades were good, she was happy. All of her life, Haley had seen strange things. However, around the age if eight, these things became more prominent.

She started to see monsters on the playground, and ghosts at the mall. When she first started seeing ghosts, she didn't realize that these people were invisible to everyone else, not that they were dead. Little Haley would talk to these ghosts in public, causing her to get questionable looks from her family, teachers, amd strangers. At the age of nine, on of the teachers suggested that she speak to the school counselor, as it was a little out of the normal to still have imaginary friends at this age. Haley didn't completely understand why she was being made to talk to someone, but she went along with a few sessions. She gathered quickly what was going on, however, and stopped talking about what she seen in public a little after six months of seeing the counselor. Hearing the teachers talk to her parents about seeing things that 'weren't there' started to make her think something was wrong with her.

At the age of eleven, Haley began to be bullied by the other kids. They had no basis for doing so - just the normal elementary school stuff. The children wanted someone to make fun of, and she just happened to be the victim. This caused her to me an outsider, and pull away from most of the other children. She continued to see the ghosts and mythological things as well.  Centaurs running across the fields; Cyclopes walking the streets.

At the age of twelve, she made a new friend - Kevin. Over a years time, she and Kevin grew close, sharing secrets and laughing together in the back of the class. Haley even told the boy about the things that she seen. For the first time in a long time, Kevin was the only person that didn't think she was crazy. However, the other children were mean to Kevin as well. He walked with a limp, and therefore he was different; the kids didn't like different. When Haley turned thirteen, Kevin started acting strange. It was like he was on high alert, always looking out for something or someone. He hardly spoke anymore. He and Haley grew distant. Two months after her thirteenth birthday, a hellhound tried to attack her. Kevin defended her, but tried to act as if nothing happened after they had gotten to safety. Haley wasn't about to stand for it. She kept pressuring her friend until he gave her the information that she wanted. At first, Haley thought he was insane, but as she took the time to piece together the strange parts of her life with the new information, the more it made sense. Kevin proceeded to explain this to her parents as well. The decision to send her to Camp Half-blood was unanimous.

She packed her bags and was sent to Camp that summer where she was given a place to stay in the Hermes cabin. It was nice to have a place to go to with people who were like her, but it took some time to get used to. Her first two years at Camp, she was a summer camper. She wanted to try and get the normal high school experience. High School turned out to be a nightmare for her. The kids got meaner, the monsters still tried to attack, putting everyone that she was around in danger. She began to blame herself for small things at first; nothing she did anymore was right. She wasn't happy with her appearance or personality, and kept trying to change herself. It seemed like no matter where's she went, she never fit in, not even at Camp. She returned to CHB shortly after her fourteenth birthday and was claimed by Hecate. In her mother's cabin, she would begin to finally have a place to call home again - a place where she got in, even if it was only a little bit.

If you asked her, she wouldn't be able to tell you what went wrong to make her feel the way she does. There wasn't any major childhood trauma or anything else of the sort. When she returned to CHB at fourteen, she decided to be a year round camper. She tried making friends at Camp, only to fail over and over. She was awkward, and always seemed to say the wrong thing. By the age of fifteen she had all but completely isolated herself from the world. The only friends she needed were hwr music, books and pens. She channeled her frustration and sadness into her training, staying in the practice arena for hours at a time. More often than not, Haley came back to the Hecate cabin with bruises and cuts everywhere. She aimed to try and be the best at something; swordsmanship and hand to hand combat seemed to be two things that it was good to be good at.

To this day, Haley still isolates herself, though she is trying to be more outgoing. So far, it only seems tk work 10% of the time.

Role-playing Example: I think it's cute you guys actually still expect me to do this lol

Notes: -Faceclaim is Maia Mitchell
-Color code is #0099cc
-Haley has a drawstring bag that was a gifted to her by Hecate. Like Leo's toolbelt, it can hold an intimate number of items. This God parent gift has been preapproved by Morgan.

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Re: "Mirror mirror, on the wall; Will there be glory if I fall?"

Post by Morgan Landry on 6/10/2018, 6:44 pm


- Best to keep the whole panoply in celestial bronze :) metal doesn't protect from demigod weapons
- Out of curiosity, why does she hate the colour pink?

Rest looks good :)
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Re: "Mirror mirror, on the wall; Will there be glory if I fall?"

Post by HaleyTheRandom on 6/10/2018, 7:12 pm


I altered to say that when she was little, her closet seemed to be filled with nothing but pink, and over time, she just got fed up with it.
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Re: "Mirror mirror, on the wall; Will there be glory if I fall?"

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Approved! Standing ovation

You have earned 1400 drachmas!
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Re: "Mirror mirror, on the wall; Will there be glory if I fall?"

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