Staff applications!!

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Staff applications!!

Post by Morgan Landry on 6/10/2018, 5:25 pm

What's up heroes! Your good ole Camp Half-Blood is looking for some staff to help out with event organization, form approving, and other administrative shenanigans. If you're interested in any of the jobs, fill out the questionnaires below and send them to me via PM!

To be eligible, you must have been active for at least a month.

Counsellors Moderators!

So you wanna be a mod? Good for you! It's a fun job, which pays you 500 drachmas a month (plus tips depending on how much you get involved, wink wink). You get to access the staff area, get involved behind the scenes of the forum, and create events! You need to be friendly and approachable, but also know how to be firm and de-escalate situations. Reporting and dealing with rule-breakings is also part of the job.


a:  Someone uses a slur in the chat box/Discord. How do you react?

b: A new person is posting everywhere in the forum; they don't have an approved character. What do you do?

c: Someone's character is being blatantly racist/homophobic/discriminatory. Do you gloss over it because it's just a character, or do you decide to address the situation? If so, how?

d: Someone's character is being creepy/ romantically abusive and/or possibly a bit too mature for our site's policies. Same question.

e: A staff person is being rude to a member. Do you let it slip because they're staff, or do you decide to do something? If so, what?

f: What would you do if someone is god-modding or powerplaying?

g: Describe an event you would like to organize.

h: Are you more "brutal honesty" or more "constructive criticism"?

i: How often are you on the site per week?

Thanks for submitting <3

Satyrs Approvers!

Jolly good, we're in need of some approvers. For 600 drachmas a month (again, plus tips depending on how much you do), your job is to look through the unapproved forms and comment on them constructively so that our members can tailor them to our site's policies. You need to be familiar with our rules, as well as friendly and approachable. You're also more than welcome to comment on the staff area and get involved with our event planning & organization!

To submit your application, please comment on both forms as if they had been submitted in the character forms area, and answer the questionnaire.


Name: Lee Jordan
Age: 15
Gender: cis male
Eyes: amber
Hair: blonde
Height: 2m90
Body Type: Mesomorph
Skin Color: Caucasian
God Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Minerva McGonagall
Country of Origin: Sokovia
Pets: A hellhound the size of a puppy
Talents: Fighting, swimming, being smarter than everyone else
Weapon**: A celestial bronze sword
Personality: Fun, smart, outgoing
Flaws: Too loyal, has a scar on the shin, likes putting others down, is a feminazi
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): He is really strategic
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): He can know what his enemies are going to do before they do it. Once a post, 3 posts cool down.
Life Before Camp*: Lee had a very eventful childhood. He had to move all the time to escape hordes of monsters and psychopathic teachers, he broke a fair few bones, and discovered he's not good at being like regular kids. Eventually he got an owl and boarded the train to Camp Half-Blood, where Athena came down from the sky to claim him.
RP Example*: *looks around* well this place is weird. *walks outside, looks up* Holy Hades, are those pegasi?
Any notes about your characters: n/a

Name: Cara Viaggi
Age: 20
Gender: non-binary. they/them and she/her pronouns.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green
Height: 5'6
Body Type: Ectomorph
God parent: Nyx
Mortal Parent: Antonio Viaggi
Country of Origin: Italy
Pets: An eagle
Talents: drawing, glassblowing, and remembering details.
Weapon**: A bronze needle
Personality: They're arrogant and treacherous, but also really loyal and humble when they want to. They can jump super high and are not afraid of heights. They're chill, but they can also be super angry very fast.
Flaws: too nice, too humble, takes everything personally
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): She can turn into shadows
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): She can use the shadows for anything she wants: weapons, food, stationary... 3 posts max, 6 posts cool down.
Life Before Hotel Valhalla*: Cara's mother stayed with her until she was six. She was always super nice to everyone. She was so nice that she sacrificed herself to save a friend during a school shooting. Valkyries came down and took her to Hotel Valhalla, where she is still today.
RP Example*: Cara walked around the mansion, taking everything in. The hieroglyphs, the acanthus leaves, the white crocodile splashing in the pool outside. What was his name again...? She snapped her fingers. Philip of Macedonia. There were so many things for them look at here... They couldn't wait to explore that honeycomb library! Hopefully Cleo would give them a pass to borrow some papyri?
Notes: She's a TERF


a: How often are you online per week?

b: Are you more "brutally honest" or "constructive criticism"?

c: You've told someone to change something 3 times. They still haven't done it. What do you do?

d: Someone has an unusual eye colour like silver or amber. (Unusual because they're essentially romanticized ways of saying gray or brown.) Do you comment on it?

e: Which powers do we forbid on the site and why?

f: Which godly parents are forbidden (and why)?

Thank you for submitting <3

That's it, thank you so much for reading through this! You have two weeks (so until the 24th) to hand it in :) Any questions, don't hesitate to comment below!
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