Summer solstice gifts!

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Summer solstice gifts!

Post by Morgan Landry on 6/24/2018, 7:30 am

Request a gift from your godly parent on solstices here!

There are certain things you will not be able to get-- for example, ANY type of power. Athena can give you an electric guitar, but she can't give you telekinesis. Ares can give you a sword, but not the ability to use his blessing whenever you want.

The admins will decide what presents you can or cannot get. No powers, no guns, and make sure you follow the rules (ie: nothing god-moddy or power-playing). If we tell you you cannot get a certain gift, just edit and come up with something else. (One of us will post "Approved" under your request. We also reserve the right to ask you questions/for you to change certain things about your gift.)

A staff person (admin or mod) will be posting as Hermes, who will drop your charries' presents off at their bunks.

We can also simply surprise you with a gift we're making up; in that case just put "Surprise" in front of the "type of gift" section of the code. (Don't tell us you don't like your present. If you do, you'll find a sword sticking out of your charrie's head when you log in the next day.)

At the same time, for those of you with a Demi-Titan, please don't request a gift for this character. As your character cannot go to Olympus, since their parent obviously won't be there, and Hermes isn't going to be delivering any gifts for that character, so select one of your other characters.

ONE GIFT PER USER. No exceptions. Choose wisely, young padawan.

[b]Child's name:[/b]
[b]God parent:[/b]
[b]Type of Gift and powers of this gift:[/b]

*NOTE: This topic will be locked every so often, to give the Admins the chance to respond to each request. If it is locked, then just wait, it should only take a few minutes for it to be unlocked.

Approved gifts:
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Re: Summer solstice gifts!

Post by Jinjaku on 8/8/2018, 6:22 am

Child's name: Jin-Orihara Daniels
God parent: Oizys
Type of Gift and powers of this gift: Surprise
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