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 Addison Knightley, Daughter of Hecate

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PostSubject: Addison Knightley, Daughter of Hecate   Addison Knightley, Daughter of Hecate Icon_minitime6/27/2018, 12:47 am

Name: Addison Knightley

Age: 13

Birthdate: 15/08/2004

Gender: Female

Eyes: Emerald Green

Hair: Dark Brown

Body: Skinny and average height.

Skin Color: Pale

God Parent: Hecate

Mortal Parent: Lincoln Knightley

Country of Origin: Manchester, England.

Pets: A black cat named Houdini.

Talents: Can read fluently because she does not have dyslexia.

Weapon: A staff named Vicus (Latin for quartz), about a metre long, oak wood with a quartz crystal on the end that helps to channel magic without exerting too much energy.

Personality: Quiet, bookish, antisocial, finds it very hard to socialize, very introverted.

Flaws: Addison is always in fear of hurting someone's feelings, she will never ever kill anything, even monsters.

Abilities (must relate to Godly parent; optional):
•Standard Demigod Abilities-
-Speed and Agility: All Demigods are faster and agiler than humans. The children of Iris/Arcus and Hermes/Mercury are even faster.
-Durability: Demigods are much more durable than humans.
-Superhuman Healing: Demigods can heal faster and with more finality than humans and sustain far greater damage.
-Superhuman Senses: Demigods' five senses (hearing, smelling, sight, etc) are greatly increased.
•Powers: Minor alteration to mist, her magic is quite weak because she just got to camp, her powers come in bursts when emotions like fear or anger are the strongest. Powers like teleportation, the further away she teleports the more energy drained, beams of magic and illusions. She will not use her powers to harm but rather to avoid and evade confrontation.

Life Before Camp: Addison was born on the 15 of August, 2004 in Manchester, England to Lincoln Knightly and Hecate, Addison was always told that her mother died in a car crash when she was very young. When she was 7 she and her Father moved to New York City because of her fathers work. On her 10th birthday her father got her a black kitten from a nearby animal shelter, she named him Houdini. She has gone to 3 schools (mostly from freak monster attacks) and is trying not to get expelled from the fourth. After having a series of horrible nightmares her father decided that Camp Half-Blood was the safest place for her (Hecate had suggested it to him before she left). And that's how she ended up at Camp Half-Blood.

Any notes about your characters: Loves books, especially fantasy. Witch aesthetic <3
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Addison Knightley, Daughter of Hecate Empty
PostSubject: Re: Addison Knightley, Daughter of Hecate   Addison Knightley, Daughter of Hecate Icon_minitime6/28/2018, 2:35 pm

Hey lovely <3 So, there's just a few things we need to get sorted out.

First off, you posted this form in the Detailed, section, but are missing most of the form for the Detailed section. Did you accidentally post it in this section? If so, we can move it for you. If you wanted to actually do a full detailed form though, I'll need you to add the missing bits into the from. Moving on.

-I need you to be more specific and give us actual numbers on the height. There's a lot of different ideas about average height out there.

-She can't not have dyslexia. All demigods have it. You could say she has a less severe case of it, and can read more easily than other demi-gods, though.

-About her weapon: What kind of energy does her staff channel? More importantly, how did she get it? It's a very unusual demi-god weapon - not that that's a bad thing.

-Out of curiosity: Why does she find it hard to socialize?

-I'm not sure how being scared of hurting someones feelings is a flaw. Does it make it to where she never stands up for herself? If so you could edit to say that she doesn't ever take up for herself because she is scared of hurting someones feelings.

-I'm not sure where you got the Standard demi-god abilities from? Demi-gods injure just as easily as humans, and the only way to speed up the healing process is with nectar and ambrosia. You could, however, make some of those abilities her actual abilities with some slight tweaking.

-How does she affect the mist? I know you stated that it typically shows the most when she is emotional, but we still need to know how she can affect the mist? Also, how long does this power last?

-How far can she teleport? How long until she can teleport again. (Keep in mind that we do powers on a post by post basis here.) What exactly do you mean by beams of magic and illusions?

Rest looks fabulous!

Mystery Box Prizes: 5 God parent gift and 3 Monster attacks, 3 God parent visit, 2 Extra weapon, Cost of a HTML layout, 2 free name change

"Not everybody has to be happy all the time. That's not mental health. That's crap." - Meredith Grey
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Addison Knightley, Daughter of Hecate
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