Quick! Hide! (OPEN)

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Quick! Hide! (OPEN)

Post by Freya4647 on 7/8/2018, 5:35 pm

Freya ducked and dived in and out of the various growing plants, trying desperately not to be seen. The prank war hadn't been her fault, though she was now in a little over her head...

The first instance had been when she discovered a huge spider in her sleeping bag. Having discovered the culprits (two Hermes kids,) she'd placed large buckets of icy water and beans over the door of the Hermes cabin... it turns out she'd caught the wrong camper, and he'd retaliated by switching her shower gel for jelly. The war reached it's peak in the afternoon when various members of the Hermes cabin emerged from the showers with pink hair. Having been found out, Freya had ran for the strawberry fields, where she eventually crouched behind a large tangle of vines. She had a bottle of pink hair dye in her hands, and smudges of the potent stuff were all over her face, hands and clothes. She sighed hopelessly as she tried to wipe the stains off and ended up making more mess.

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