Kara~James Madison~ (Khione)

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Kara~James Madison~ (Khione)

Post by Keeley_Star on 7/9/2018, 1:35 pm

Name: Kara~James Harper Madison
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Elbow-length Dark brown.
Height: 5'5
Body Type: Mesomorph
Skin Color: Medium Brown
God Parent: Khione
Mortal Parent: Parker Exema Madison
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Pets: None
Talents: Painting and Sketching.
Weapon: Celestial Bronze Sword, 9 1/2 inches, (Don't know if this is in powers) Can create icicles out of water vapor in the air.
Personality: When you first meet Kara~James, she will be cold and non-feeling, but kind to the people she becomes friends with. She can be calm, but she can also unleash an ungodly amount of anger.
Flaws: Under confident, Blunt and Callous.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Cryo-Aerokinesis, Heat Sensitivity.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Cryokinesis (lasts five posts), Can create a Reverse Nuclear Blast (lasts three posts)
Life Before Camp*: She lived on the top of Pico Duarte, one of the only places in the Dominican Republic that gets snow. Her father figured out that something was wrong with her when she had, in the middle of June, pointed at snow that was inside their house. That was when she was shipped away to Camp Half-Blood at age eight.
RP Example*: Kara~James was sick of this mierda. She didn't need to go across the SEA to be taken care of. But her father was desperately afraid of her, so off she went, halfway across the Earth to Brooklyn, just to be treated with utmost disgust by most of the campers for being the daughter of a snow goddess. Made sense, though. She had always loved the cold, which was almost impossible to find back at home.
Any notes about your character: None.

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Re: Kara~James Madison~ (Khione)

Post by Morgan Landry on 8/13/2018, 8:40 am

So sorry for the delay getting back at you!

- Amber is an unnatural eye colour, as it's yellow. Please edit - how about hazel or light brown?
- That's a special weapon and needs to be won. Please edit out the icicles power.
- Blunt and callous are pretty much the same, please edit in another character flaw.
- Please develop on the abilities and powers. What exactly can she do? What is a reverse nuclear blast? Please also add a cool down.
- You need 6 sentences in the Life Before Camp.
Morgan Landry
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