First character

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First character

Post by Louis Gali on 7/19/2018, 3:33 pm

Name: Louis Gali
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Eyes: [color = Calypso blue]
Hair: [color = White with turquoise tips]
Height: 5'37quot; {tall}
Body Type: skinny, fit
Skin Color: [color = Tanned beige
God Parent: God of the sea, Poseidon
Mortal Parent: [gender = Female] Lina Gali
Country of Origin: New York City, Manhattan
Pets: Hippocampus
Talents: Athlete, good runner
Weapon**: Celestial bronze sowrd
Personality: Kind, welcoming
Flaws: He was hurt by his step dad
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Able to summon a hurricane and tsunami, cain control the air {because of water in air}
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): controls water and any type of other liquids related with water, can make a quarter of the sea lift
Life Before Camp*: Horrible, step dad hurt him, his mom did nothing, he called cops on his step dad twice before
RP Example*: ...
Any notes about your characters:

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Re: First character

Post by HaleyTheRandom on 8/7/2018, 4:04 am

Heya! Just a few things.

-Calypso blue sounds a bit on the mythical side to me. Try electric blue maybe?
-Is his hair dyed that way? Keep in mind we don't allow unnatural hair colors to be natural.
-B3 parents must be bought from the site store, so he can't be a Poseidon kid.
-Hiippocampi are considered exotic pets. Gotta buy those too, so he can't have one just yet.
-I'm not sure how being an athlete is a talent? Also, what do you mean by good runner?
-Expand on the personality a bit. Give him some not so good qualities.
-Being hurt by his step dad isn't a flaw.
-You'll need to change the powers and abilities. If you want your character to control air, I recomend one of the wind gods.
-Expand on the LBC. Five scentence minimum is required.
-RP example is required for all new comers. Sorry.

Nice start!
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