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Name: Andy
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Type of Creature: Psamid - Beach Nymph
Description: Andy is a short, relatively human-like nymph with upturned ears and a bright smile. His skin is tan with freckles dotting his face and arms. He has ocean blue eyes and beige blonde hair which frequently scatters sand when he moves. While he is on the thinner side, Andy looks to be a healthy, almost typical weight and muscle mass for his height of about 5'3. Andy's clothes most often consist of a golden yellow tank top with the words "Stay Calm" printed in black and swimming trunks that stop above the knee.
Beach Body- As a Beach Nymph, Andy can become sand on command.
Sand Manipulation- Can control the movement of sand
Beach Plant Manipulation- Can communicate and lightly manipulate beach flora.
Wave Manipulation- Can influence ocean water and tides.
Zoolingualism: Can communicate with animals.
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Andy - Psamid - WIP
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