Djamila Black - Daughter of Aphrodite

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Djamila Black - Daughter of Aphrodite

Post by Djamila Black on 8/12/2018, 3:05 pm

Name: Djamila Black
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Eyes: Grey-blue
Hair: Color black, long and straight, down to the waist
Height: 5’6”
Body Type: Curvy and toned
Skin Color: Fair
God Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Ethan and Aiden Black (ok yes, they are both men)
Country of Origin: California
Pets: A puppy havanese name Moppy (name comes from mope).

Talents: Cook, dance, martial arts (Kung-Fu) her parent thought that she need to learn self-defense just in case, anything have to do with fashion (cloth, make up, hair style, etc.) and archery.

Weapon: Bow and arrows and a staff made of celestial bronze at each end there is a rose quartz embedded and, in each gem, has the name of Aphrodite engraved in Greek “Αφροδίτη”. Also have one small rose carved on each end. This staff can be as long or short as she wants. As small as the palm of her hand and as long as her height ... but no longer.

Personality: She is the kind of person that can be sweet with a touch of bad temper. Love to be with her family. Hate to explain something more than 2 or 3 time. Love organization and she likes to feel that everything around her including herself looks impeccable. Love roses specially the pinks ones. If you see her you won’t think that she is the daughter of the goddess of love. She doesn’t wear any makeup…. except for a soft pink lips gloss, doesn’t like to wear jewels all the time … just in very very special occasions and her jewels are very simple nothing too fancy. She loves to wear jeans, t-shirts and sandals. Her nails and toes nails need to be immaculate.  

Flaws: Stubborn, hate to receive order, she is not exactly a size 6 and her curvy body shape make her looks fat even if she not and use glasses. She is a gorgeous girl, but she doesn’t think that way.

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
* Fluent in French since it's the language of love
* Can read someone's relationship status.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):

Amokinesis: Djamila can manipulate clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories. She can control up to eight pieces of clothing, cosmetics, etc. for two posts with a three post cool down. The clothing has to be in a twenty foot diameter or less. Djamila can do these two times in a topic with a three post cool down.
Change of dress: As a daughter of Aphrodite, she can change her clothes automatically. Djamila can do these three times in one topic with a four post cool down. She can change five pieces of clothing at one time.  

Being' Stylish: At a snap of her fingers, she can change her hair style and the color of her nails. Djamila can do these three times in a topic with a four post cool down.
Change her physical appearance: She can alter her facial features with the Mist. She can do this only one in a post with three post to cool down

Allure: She radiates a three foot diameter aura that causes those around her to feel attracted to her. This doesn't work on heterosexual females or homosexual males. The aura lasts for one posts with a three post cool down. The main way to avoid her is to not be in the three foot diameter and to not look at her. She never uses this power.

Healing: Yep she can heal only a broken heart. Whit only a soft touch in the chest of the person (need to be exactly where the heart is) a warm feeling fill the person and make him or her feel better at that moment. The rest depends of the person. Doesn’t work if the couple or person are always arguing for any nonsense. The reason is because there is not real love in them. She can do this for one post with a two post cool down.

Life Before Camp*:
In an elegant mansion of two floor that is in California Palm Beach; at the first floor there is The Girls House Night Club an elegant night club restaurant that is famous for the Drags Queens show and at the second floor is the home of Ethan and Aiden Black.
Just like another weekend Aiden the star of the show was practicing his act with the help of his husband Ethan. While Aiden was arguing about how irresponsible his partner, Joseph, is they were interrupted by one of the employees who gave Ethan a letter. Apologizing, he opens it and as he reads it a smile appears on his lips.
Looking at Aiden tells him that finally after several years they achieved approval to adopt a baby.
The place was filled with so much joy that the anger was forgotten …. well that is until Joseph splattered a chewing gum bomb on Aiden's face and fought back for Joseph's disrespect.
On the next Monday they went to the orphanage. There they met with the owner and gave him all the documentation that authorized them to adopt a child. The owner took them to where the babies were and there Aiden fell in love with a baby girl with black hair, round cheeks and blue-gray eyes. Aiden looked at Ethan and he already knew that baby they wanted.
They took home their new member of the family and the whole family and friends made her a welcome party.
Time passed and this baby's life was full of love and responsibilities. Although life at school was difficult, not only because of their problem of attention also for the fact of defending their parents. She is not the kind of person who lies about having two people of the same sex as parents, and that brought her many problems to the point that on several occasions she fought.
His parents decided it was important that he learn self-defense and by unanimous vote two (Aiden and Djamila) against one (Ethan) he started taking Kung-Fu class.
Little by little her life in school began to be less heavy as she gradually managed to be respected.

RP Example*:
Any notes about your characters:
Djamila Black

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