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 Casey Collins, demigod (Poseidon)

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PostSubject: Casey Collins, demigod (Poseidon)   8/27/2018, 2:45 am

Name: Casey Collins
Age: 17
Gender:  Female
Eyes: Sea-green
Hair: Honey-blonde
Height: 5’9”
Skin color: pale
Godly parent: Poseidon
Mortal parent: Ms. Collins
Country of origin: USA
Talents: Pegasi riding, combat
Weapon: A sword like riptide
Personality: Independent and brave
Flaws: can’t cook, sucks at math
Background (aka. Life before camp): Casey survived without demigod help for 16. She lived by her mom. Casey has ADHD. She was a trouble kid at school. Last year, she came to the camp and was accompanied by a satyr girl.
RP Example: Casey went to her cabin. It was cabin 3! She liked the style of it. In her opinion, it was more unique than the most other cabins. Casey throw herself onto the bed and grasped the book, which laid on the bedside cabin.
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PostSubject: Re: Casey Collins, demigod (Poseidon)   9/18/2018, 4:58 pm

-She can't be a Poseidon kid. You have to buy those from the site shop or win them in a mystery box. Sorry.

-When you say combat, do you mean like sword fighting or hand to hand?

-You need at least five sentences' for the personality section. Same for the Life Before Camp.

-Wouldn't consider sucking at math to be a flaw. You also need one more of these.

Mystery Box Prizes: 5 God parent gift and 3 Monster attacks, 3 God parent visit, 2 Extra weapon, Cost of a HTML layout, 2 free name change

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Casey Collins, demigod (Poseidon)
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