Happy Augustus day!!

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Happy Augustus day!!

Post by Morgan Landry on 9/23/2018, 6:03 pm

Hey campers for those of you who don't know me I'm a RomanHistoryNerdTM (exemplified by the fact that I am studying ancient history at uni & currently doing my dissertation) and today is Augustus's birthday!!!!
He was one hell of a dude who continuously trolled the Senate and installed a dynasty right under everyone's noses whilst making them believe the Republic was still happening

One of my favourite Augustus stories (=urban legends) is how he took an obelisk from Egypt (after gift-wrapping Marc Antony's @ss and handing it to him) and putting it up in the fields of Mars so that on his birthday the shadow of the obelisk would hit the altar of Augustan Peace which was totally not dedicated to his glory

Also apparently one time he prostituted himself to another dude for 300,000 sestertii

But that remains widely unproven

I still like to think it happened though

Tldr; what a lad
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