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name: lucifer cortez nixon.
nicknames: luce, lucy, cortez, tez.
age: sixteen, seventeen soon.
gender: male.
sexuality hetero.
eyes: almond-shaped. bright grey.  very long eyelashes.
hair: fairly long, divided in a fashionable side part. usually straight and easy to manage. naturally blonde, dyed white.
height: 187cm.
body type: tall, lean, broad-shouldered. long-legged, yet somehow quite awkward-looking.
skin color: generally pale, can get tanned in summer.
god parent: mercury, god of thieves, tricksters, messengers, money and good fortune.
mortal parent: anastasia nixon. lucifer is quite a mothers boy. anastasia is a daughter of lucifer, the god of the morning star. she decided to name her son after her father.
origin: new rome, camp jupiter.
pets: two tortoises named tort and gabe.

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- athetics: luce is an incredible athlete. he ran on his highschool track team and broke multiple records. his favourite is the 100m sprint and the 400m relays.
- gymnastics: lucifer is a great gymnast. he's very flexible and has entered multiple competitions.
- cooking: lucifer adores eating and food so he learned how to cook his favourite meals pretty quickly. he makes a mean spag bol.
- stealing: lucifer is very light-fingered and can easily steal things.
- lying: he's a great liar

weapon**: lucifer has a collection of weapons which he "borrowed" from other people and the weapons shed. these include two daggers, one spear and a scythe. all made from imperial gold.

personality: luce is a pretty sweet kid, kleptomania aside. he loves to joke around and chill with his friends. he adores food and would do a lot for a good hamburger. he's pretty loyal and generally quite humorous. he's a healthy, happy guy who enjoys sports. he loves to read and goes through about two books a week, maybe more if he has time. you can generally find him eating or reading, or both. he likes to keep it simple and goes with the flow; deep philosophies aren't his thing. however, he's very easily offended and can go off like a bomb if you insult him. he hates losing and will make you pay if you win against him. if he dislikes you he can be incredibly arrogant and calculating.

- kleptomaniac
- holds grudges
- volatile
- arrogant
- scars across his lip and eyebrow from sports and cooking accidents.
+ luce can communicate with sheep, tortoises and snakes.
+ he knows the conversion rate of any currency at all times.
+ he is 10% more prone to randomly finding small amounts of money (up to 5 dollars in worth) than average people..

+ he can recognize any constellation at a simple glance.
+ his eyes are more resistant to bright light.
+ he is more resistant to heat and doesn't feel hot as easily. he feels comfortable up to temperatures of 30 degrees celsius.
+ when he's angry, his irises glow orange. (useless, but cool for aesthetic purposes)

+ lucifer can unlock locks (e.g front doors, phones,  5 times per topic with a 7 post cooldown. he can also unlock one large lock (e.g a safe) once per topic, but he usually feels dizzy and gets a headache after.

+ lucifer can float above the ground for 3 posts at a time with 8 post cooldown. he does this by sprouting tiny little wings at his ankles that carry him, similar to his fathers' famous winged sandals.

+ he can fabricate money 3 times per topic, being able to create up to 20 dollars in worth per use. this needs a 10 post cooldown.

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life before: lucifer has had a pretty good life. he grew up in new rome with his mom, anastasia. she was loving and taught lucifer to be independent early on. she married luke johnson, a son of trivia, when luce was 9. his step-dad was tall, with blonde, graying hair and a warm, cheesy smile. luke was filled with dad jokes and taught lucifer how to control his powers. lucifer went to a highschool in san francisco during the summer, but was home in new rome for the rest of the year. his classmates found this odd and anastasia decided to let him join camp jupiter when he was 14, where he was sorted into his cohort and began training and living the demigod life. he visits his mom every weekend, and they bake brownies together and watch 90's movies with luke.

rp example:
lucifer cracks two large white eggs into a metal bowl. he whistles as he begins to mix the brownie batter together, smiling. the old radio was buzzes and crackles, frank sinatra singing loudly, and lucifer is very content. he can hear his mom in the shower, the water running down the drain, while luke sits in his office, reading the newspaper. life was good.
notes: fc is lucky blue smith
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