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Name: Simon Peperi (First name meaning "he who is heard" [ironic because he talks in a quiet voice and is very shy] and last name meaning "black pepper" because it has lots of 
Age: 13 (1/2 [He's very particular about this])
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: Chocolate brown with green streaks (he dyes it)
Height: 6'5"
Body Type: Tall and muscular
Skin Color: Pale olive color with a mild suntan.
God Parent: Demeter
Mortal Parent: Daniil (Greek spelling of Daniel) A gardener and doctor, he attracted the attention of both Demeter and Apollo, but Demeter forced Apollo to back off.
Country of Origin: He and his father were born in America, but his grandparents are from Greece.
Pets: A harmless grass snake named Tom
Talents: Gardening, memory, singing (though he's self conscious about being a guy that likes to sing), general athleticism (though he doesn't like it)
Weapon: Sword will do, though he prefers not to fight.
Personality: Shy, but outgoing once you get to know him. He's always ready to lend a helping hand, and he isn't afraid to stand up for his friends. (Well, he is, but he does it anyways.) Independent.
Flaws: Shy, low self-esteem, absent minded
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Gardening, good sense of direction in nature, good with herbs, he knows the different healing and medical properties of plants.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Garden Master: Growing common plants [Limit: 4 posts if doing other things, 6 posts if just talking.] Healthy Aura: Everything within a 2 1/2 meter radius is healthier and more lush. Example: a dying plant will reverse it's wilting. Sidewalk cracks will grow more flowers and vines, the air will feel more fresh and trees will seem greener and more alive. He can activate this for a max of 3 posts.
Life Before Camp*: He had a nice life, though his dad was sometimes absent from it when he needed to do more work at the hospital. He got really into the herbs and their different uses while tending to his fathers garden. He also learned how to take care of himself. By the age of nine he was making his own breakfast and biking to school on his own. But he still loved his father, and when monsters started attacking, he found old pamphlets in their attic and located his nearest satyr himself.
RP Example*: Simon gently lowered the tree sapling into its new home. "There you go." he whispered. "Nice and safe in your little pot. Someday, you'll be big enough to outgrow your pot, and you can go live in the forest." He stood up and dusted off his pants, hoping nobody caught him talking to a plant. Some of the other Demeter kids did it, but kids from other cabins might think it was weird. As he looked around, he noticed that one of his half siblings had a shelf f gardening books. Some of the titles were pretty interesting, so he decided to ask her if he could borrow some of them.
Any notes about your characters: Not really...
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Simon Pepper-Demeter
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