Who're you sacrificing to? lmao

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Who're you sacrificing to? lmao

Post by Morgan Landry on 1/12/2019, 5:21 am

Cameron was on a 17-day-sacrifice streak. Every day she came up to Temple Hill with one or two stuffed animals and ritually cut them open on the altars of the gods. She hoped that, with the whole pax deorum thing going on, she'd get something good out of it. Plus, there was generally 0 downside to sacrificing to the gods.
The daughter of Pax entered the temple to Mars Ultor, deferentially holding a stuffed tiger and a golden knife. Her short white hair was held up into a tiny bun, showing her undercut, and she was in her usual colour combo of drab and camouflage. With her hobnailed boots and dog tag, she could well be one of the war kids of the camp. "O Mars, accept my sacrifice!" she chanted, bowing to the altar.
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