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 Kayla Harayama - Daughter of Hephaestus

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PostSubject: Kayla Harayama - Daughter of Hephaestus   Kayla Harayama - Daughter of Hephaestus Icon_minitime3/12/2019, 3:30 am

Name: Karla Harayama

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Shoulder length bob, naturally black but it is currently dyed auburn.

Height: 5’4”

Body Type: She has a slender body type with a bit of lean muscle.

Skin Color: Olive skin (East Asian).

God Parent: Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Michiko Harayama

Country of Origin: United States

Pets: None.

Talents: Tinkering with machines, forging objects, giving up.

Weapon**: A Celestial Bronze spear that she forged herself. Nothing special about it, just a mediocre spear. She calls it “Glorified Stick”.

Personality: Karla is what one would describe as having potential, but not the drive to use it. Her creations would be excellent if it wasn’t for the fact that she never puts any real effort into her work. When she first arrived at camp, she was just like any other Hephaestus kid, forging weapons, creating automatons, tinkering with things she really shouldn’t, and she was pretty good at what she did. Then she did was she always did: got into her own head, allowed herself to think she wasn’t good enough, wouldn’t stop comparing herself to her siblings, and finally, her creations began to falter.

Nowadays, Karla is pretty disinterested in pretty much anything to due with crafting, only really doing it out of, as she would describe it, “obligation of a Hephaestus brat.” Her weapons would come out mediocre at best, without anything really to set them apart from other weapons of the same kind. In her mind, a weapon’s a weapon, and doesn’t need to be fancy to work. It’s gotten to the point where she flat out refuses to forge weapons for fellow campers and instead refers them to another to get the job done.

Karla has lost all patience with her work too. Nothing is ever good enough and she often finds herself redoing a project over and over again, to the point where she loses her temper and completely destroys the thing and gives up. She has also taken to a morbid “what’s the point?” attitude with her life as a demigod. Karla doesn’t go out of her way to speak to people, zones out during training, and has outright said that she’s probably going to get run in by a monster in the next couple of years and spend the rest of eternity roaming the Fields of Asphodel so really there’s no point in trying to be a “competent demigod.”

However, this is not to say that is an entirely unpleasant person to be around. She does enjoy listening to people, and can be good counsel if the topic is serious enough. And she does like to comfort new campers, especially the younger ones, who are still adjusting to camp life and are struggling to accept the whole demigod thing. In short, Karla has the makings of strong demigod, she just needs to learn how to get out of her own head. Maybe she needs to find a person to help her out to do so.

Low Self-esteem

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Karla, like most children of Hephaestus, has the ability to know how to use machines with just a touch.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Karla has the ability to read and learn how to build something off of any schematic of some sort of machinery, regardless of language or age and just by touch. It does have restrictions though. It has to be some sort of machine or appliance, the more complex the schematic the more taxing it is on her body, there’s never a 100% it’ll work as well. If she gets distracted or overwhelmed by the pain, she fails to read it and will have to start over again. She finds it easier to read schematics in english, japanese, and ancient greek, but anything else takes more effort to learn as she does not know the language. Regardless if she succeeds or not, she will have a high fever, be dizzy, and very nauseous. She describes as “literally searing information into her brain so she can know how to build it forever.” It takes 3 posts to perform and 6 to cool down.

Life Before Camp*: Karla is the only child born to Michiko Harayama in Chicago. Her mother worked as an automotive engineer at a popular car company. Compared to most demigods, Karla had a pretty mundane life. Sure, she saw the odd-looking person with one eye or fangs every now and then, but she just chalked it up to people just looking different. Though, this may be because Michiko was pretty strict and overprotective of her daughter.

She refused to get Karla treated for her ADHD and Dyslexia after being suspicious of the psychiatrist they were seeing, especially after Karla described her as having “scaly skin and snake eyes.” Karla had a strict set of rules she was supposed to follow if a “bad person” attacked them. If they were both at home, she was to run away and hide while her mother would hold them off. If her mother didn’t arrive at their meeting spot in ten minutes, Karla was supposed to run as far as she could and come back to the house later to grab some money and food and then head to Long Island if she could. If Karla was at school or out without her mother, she was to proceed to run like before, but find a way to call her mother at work for further instructions.

Karla didn’t have a lot of friends at school, nor did she partake in any after-school activities. She would just head home and wait for her mother. She never did particularly well in school either, often barely scraping by to get a passing grade. Karla was just as much a perfectionist as a child as she is today. She often found herself getting on the right track with assignments and projects, then getting too into her head and scrapping them. She was often found fidgeting with mechanical pencils and pens, taking them apart, seeing how they worked. Though she would usually get scolded by her teacher as a result.

As she got older and entered middle school, a certain elective course caught her eye. This school had the option of an automotive class. Karla thought that those were only found in high school, but her curiosity got the best of her and she signed up.

Karla did really well in that class. It was the first time ever that she thought she was good at something.She just found herself knowing what to do, and easily surpassed her classmates. But of course, her self-esteem got in the way, and she began second-guessing herself. Mistakes began to pile up and Karla found herself going from the top of her class, to the bottom. Peers stopped asking her for help when they didn’t know what to do, and the teacher usually skipped past her when asking questions. It wasn’t a good time for Karla.

When she was thirteen, the one thing she thought would never happen, happened. Walking home from school one day, she encountered an angry dog. A big, black as night, angry dog. Karla would later learn that that creature was in fact, a hellhound, but during that time, she was more focused on not getting eaten than trying to figure out why this dog was angry.

Somehow, she managed to escape it’s fury, but had a feeling that it wouldn’t last long if she stuck around. She went to call her mom, but because she didn’t own a cellphone, she tried to find a payphone, a task harder in the modern age. She did find one after a panicked induced search and told her mom what happened. Her mother instructed her to try to get home safely and she would meet her there.

Karla somehow managed to get home without encountering any more dogs, but when she did, she found her mom stuffing clothes and such in suitcases and told Karla she would explain everything later, they just had to get to Long Island first. Karla had zero idea what was going on but decided to listen to her mother in hopes of not dying a horrible death via monster dog.

Luckily, they made it without too much hassle, other than a few TSA agents being annoying. They rented a car and headed towards a place Michiko called “Camp Half-Blood”. She stopped before the camp and tries to give Karla the rundown of what was happening. Her father was a Greek god, that was a monster that attacked her, this place was a safe haven for demigods, and that now she knew she was a demigod, monsters could smell her and would want to kill her even more now. Great.

Karla tearfully said goodbye to her mother and made her way up the hill. She was greeted with open arms at the camp, which was nice, but she was definitely suspicious for a while. The usual happened, she got claimed by Hephaestus, started living in Cabin 9, began forging and such, got insecure, fell from grace. That was 4 years ago now. She hasn’t left camp since, not wanting to risk her life or mother’s. They still communicate on the phone and through letters when they can. Though, she knows that she can never go back to a normal life, no matter what she does.

RP Example*: Karla’s eyes were focused on the small spider-like automaton she was making. She had been tinkering with the thing for several hours and was starting to get annoyed. It just kept glitching out and smashing against the work table. But she didn’t want to give up this time. Something inspired her to keep pushing forward with this. Though, the other kids were better at this...And this was a pretty basic design, so it shouldn't be this hard to get it to work properly.

Whatever. She had this time, she could feel it!

“Alright....Showtime, little guy!” Karla said to it.

It began weakly walking across the the table, then fell and began going around in circles pathetically.


Of course. Why would she be suddenly good at this. Her luck wore off and now she couldn’t even build a basic automaton. She was mad. She had spent hours tinkering with this thing and she had nothing to show for it.

Karla calmly wrapped her left hand around the pitiful thing. Then proceeded to smash it multiple times against the table with all of her might. The loud villainous sound attracted the attention of her siblings, who were all shocked and probably slightly irritated that Karla was losing her temper again.

With one last smash, she breathed heavily, then felt a sharp stinging pain in multiple places on her hand. She saw a small pool of crimsons liquid begin to coat the corpse of the metal spider and the workspace. Karla turned her hand towards herself and saw multiple cuts and a few small parts now stuck in her hand.

‘Not again…’ She thought to herself.

With an annoyed sigh she got up, waved her siblings off who were coming to help, and began leaving the cabin for the infirmary. The Apollo and Asclepius kids were gonna lose it on her for doing this to herself and for coming in a third time this week. Whoops.

Though, she was more annoyed at the thought of a possible lecture from her siblings or her favourite centaur.

“What a pain…” She muttered to herself.

Any notes about your characters:
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PostSubject: Re: Kayla Harayama - Daughter of Hephaestus   Kayla Harayama - Daughter of Hephaestus Icon_minitime3/12/2019, 11:59 am

-I don't see how giving up is a talent?
-Would you mind explaining how her mother knew about CHB?

Overall a really good form. Great job!

Mystery Box Prizes: 5 God parent gift and 3 Monster attacks, 3 God parent visit, 2 Extra weapon, Cost of a HTML layout, 2 free name change

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Kayla Harayama - Daughter of Hephaestus
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