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 Awkward intro

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PostSubject: Awkward intro   Awkward intro Icon_minitime3/13/2019, 12:36 pm

Hi everyone! I apparently joined this site in 2010, and forgot about it for an entire eight years. Anyways, introduction time!

My name is Lily, im 22, an Aquarius, and very awkward. I have mental health problems, so forgive me if i dont always seem up for talking. I have a cat named ace who i adopted from underneath my porch, and i adore him and will gush about him and cats in general all the time. My hobbies are dancing, art, singing, and learning languages. I love kpop, and im going to my first kpop concert in july, which im very excited about! Im also bisexual with a preference towards females (both romantically and socially- its harder for me to warm up to boys). I'm also very clumsy and easily sick so forgive more of i go days without responding back, im either too ill to reply or im hurt.

I might add more to this later
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Awkward intro
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