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 Jasmine Solaven - Daughter of Apollo

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Name: Jasmine Solaven
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Eyes: Mix of Blue, Green and Gray
Hair: Golden yellow
Height: 5'2
Body Type: O
Skin Color: Rose pale
God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Philippa Solaven (Biological) + Daniella Solaven (Adopted)
Country of Origin: Britain
Pets: Dalmatian called Spot
Talents: Amazing healer
Weapon**: Celestial bronze bow + arrow.
Personality: Very accepting, joyful, good sense of humour, good friend, charismatic, imaginative.
Flaws: Depressed, anxious, hot headed, cares too much, thinks everything is her fault, not the smartest...
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Excellent archer and writer.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Has a constant glow around her.
Life Before Camp*: Jasmine's life was better than most demigods. She was born on September 1st 2003 in London to Phillipa Solaven. When Jasmine's father left, Philippa was instantly happier. When Jasmine was 3 years old, she gained a new parent called Daniella. At age 5, Jasmine got a toy bow and arrow and immediately hit Philippa in the head. When she reached 10 years old, her and her mothers moves to Long Island. When she is 12 years old, she starts to explore the woods and stumble upon Camp Half-blood, where she stays for the night before going back to her parents with the company of a satyr, who explains everything. She goes to Camp for the whole year but at least once a month she visits her home.
RP Example*: I walk towards the woods, forbidden to be explored by her parents, cautiously with my trusted bow at hand. It was a normal wooden bow with a strong string, on my back a quiver full of arrows. I climb over the fence and start my exploration past the first trees but freeze when I hear a roar and the thundering of feet. Quickly and swiftly, I run away from the roar and when I get to a supposed safe-spot, I shoot an arrow at it, not seeing the arrow bounce off the monster as I turn and run. I hear multiple shouts as I go deeper into the forest and sprint towards them. I know I'm safe when I go through an archway leading into the camp, the roars a horrid memory. I hope I never have to face that again...
Any notes about your characters: Excellent aim but doesn't always hit her target, never gets sunburnt.
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Jasmine Solaven - Daughter of Apollo
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